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This has been my biggest surprise, that ETH is heading to 400, since the same technical method shows that BTC is heading up to 1255. Very curious indeed. I simplify the charts but there are other elements and clues that I use i.e. oscillators, MAs, Parabolic SAR , Zigzag , chart patterns, cypher patterns and ratios etc . I find it hard to understand why they are conclusively showing BTC is definitively bullish and ETH definitively bearish . They have been fairly closely correlated I think and moving in the same general direction. Well it will be curious to see how it pans out.
@KeTrader do you think now?
KeTrader RaulPuiu
@RaulPuiu, I'm still bearish this is my view, a chart ( below 855 and a tight SL at 870, it goes back above that better get out than lose your money. All the same you should not have a fixed mind... go where the market tells you it does, am still curious... if BTC , which according to me will hit 40K by June, I don't know how ETH will keep going down.. maybe it is BTC that will go down rather than up... we will see
RaulPuiu KeTrader
@KeTrader, I`m not actually shorting these markets (I`m not into margin trading as a general rule). I am actually looking for a decent entry point for longs! So I am also bearish but a bit biased because of that :))
KeTrader RaulPuiu
@RaulPuiu, BTC is a more clear case for me on where to make the long entries. You can buy at 9200 (with the tense expectation of the tough barrier at 12k, but with a cushion) or simply buy above 12K and hold, exit should be at that point just below 11K. All trade options are fraught with risk and you should judge how much you are willing to lose but at least those support\resistance levels provide clear understanding of what you are putting at stake and when to get out.
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Looks like we've touched the top of the shoulder. Will she rise or will she fall?
KeTrader Levitikon
@Levitikon, I would be surprised if it doesn't, but we have to always remain open... for me this is the ideal point for seeking an appropriate place to make a short entry. Check this /s/2xy56v29kxck01e/ETHUSDH4.png?dl=0#
what about Eth/btc?
KeTrader VuAnhaa
@VuAnhaa, Yes massive shorts of ETH\BTC on all exchanges would create that phenomenon... rise in BTC and fall in ETH, but I didn't want to read too much of that possibility into the puzzle. ETHBTC has been around and it hasn't affected the dynamics of how ETH and BTC have been moving vis a vis the dollar. It has been the crypto market moving relatively in the same direction against the dollar. I'm not sure that ETH and BTC are now decoupled and move independently, we will have to wait and see.
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