ETHUSD inside day , how to choose...

Trader_Joe_Lee 已更新   
Every inside bar is a multiple choice question, we inside bar traders have to decide :

A. only want to take the long
B. only want to take the short
C. both sided
D. none of the above (no trades)

That's the most interesting part of inside bar trading, and that's how it cooperates with other technical analysis~

Here we got this inside day in a perfect downtrend that just finished EMA correction,
while at the same time, there is a tiny intraday bullish bat pattern that already got tested once.
That is, if it breaks to the upside, that'll be the confirmation entry for the bat; if it breaks to the downside, that'll be a great with-trend trade.

Of course, it's still kinda hard to decide to choose C or D in many of these kind of cases,
so I would more like to choose a E, which won't trade the inside day directly but wait for the direction it breaks and look for intraday trades that corresponding with the
inside day breakout direction.

Let's see how it goes yo!


the inside day breakout just got the 1st kick yo!