ETH: a small re-bounce around 125, but the trend is still down

The price is forming a short term bottom, which should be foreseen as the price reached fib 0.5 retracement level at 125. but in the big picture , the down trend is very manifestly clear.
I would add more short position once the price reached 130-135 zoom.

note: the price tick is from Bitmex.

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Disagree. The up trend is very manifestly clear. If eth dropped it would indicate that the bottom of this 12 month bear market is near. It's not.
@bagholder11, I would prefer that the price will go retesting the bottom around 90. Overall picture is a bear market.
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bagholder11 Pento_Investment
@Pento_Investment, But a long bear market. 2 years maybe.
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