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The market shows a strong uptrend. DMI and MACD lines give bullish signals. If you did not open long trades below 800.00 level, now it's better to wait for a retracement. The market looks overbought and probably we'll see a short term downward movement to one of possible support zones. There are several reasons for this. RSI confirms price reversal from 1400.00 level. MACD histogram supports downward movement. The 4H time frame gives a bearish divergence which is a trend reversal signal. The price can fall to the support zone 1 which is formed by 1000.00 support level and SMA20. From this zone the long trades should be opened based on a confirmed reversal signal. If the market drops below this zone, the next support will be a very good place for buying. The support zone 2 is formed by 800.00 support level and SMA50. Buying from this zone will be good for long term trading.
评论: Watch for price action at the 1st support zone using lower time frames. Probably there will be reversal signals which can be used for building long positions. The market can reach the 2nd support zone.
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Should've listened to you and go long at the bottom of support 2 @770. Would've been some better gains then entering @920, may I ask how you trade on such chances? Do you go big if the bottom of 2nd support gets reached or are you more conservative and wait for DMI / RSI and MACD to confirm bullish momentum?
Polagayu sleduet vozderzhatsya ot publikacii TA, poka ne stabiliziruetsya btc. Inache razocharuesh auditoriyu
Explain me, why the trade value, for most currency down 25%-30%
Let me run, or be positive
Congrats , man , good trade , i do it :

what do you think?
@Giorgioversace i received email notification with yum yum.. :) i dont know why but tradingview has limited comments and i can see only the last few of them. Be carefull man imho the bearish market is not over yet! I think that this run is bull trap, but dont get my word that is jut my 2cent. The CME is not over yet, im getting in tomorrow when i see good reversal signal and not just few thousand BTC bought from whales :).. stay safe!
Thanks DLavrov perfect timing, waiting for the $800 - $830 ETH buy in
FinkPloyd GoingDutch
@GoingDutch, Why... this is not low enough for you? I think $880 was the bottom.
GoingDutch FinkPloyd
@FinkPloyd, I don't know, might aswell be prepared. I've added some @893 aswell
Amit26 GoingDutch
@GoingDutch, If it goes anywhere near $800 panic selling will drop it to the 700 region. So do keep some orders in those ranges as well
@Amit26, Thanks man I've got some set @748 aswell
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