Ethereum buy signal in 1 hour chart! I am long.

POLONIEX:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / Tether USD
My entry: $280
My tight stop loss: $266 (≈5% loss).
Target: 1. $325 (RR ≈3.2) / 2. $340 (RR ≈4.3) / 3. $360 (RR ≈5.7)

• We had a higher high at §319.
Volume increased after the weekend.
• Rebounced at $272 support zone (.5 of bearish swing).
• We should be in wave 5 which can bring us into the $360+ area.

This is no recommendation.
It´s just my personal result of my analysis.
Do your own research.

Comments / opinions most welcome!
评论: RSI MTF in 4 hour chart is showing buy signal as well.
CM RSI 2 in 4 hour chart confirms increasing volume.
评论: U.S. east coast is waking up soon.
This could be a good combination if people now not sell off.
评论: We broke the resistances! #upupup
评论: Short cool down is maybe coming.
But volume is good and U.S. east coast will join us soon.
评论: Looks great so far. Now U.S. west is joining the game.
Bed time of Japan/China had not much impact today. Impressive.
Next fightings will be between $303-308.
评论: Finally. A little bit delayed but here we go. New higher high on Polo and Bittrex.
评论: Target 1 and 2 reached!
Sold 70% of my position at $343,5.

Will rebuy in area $300-310 if price goes there.
If it not will be reached the 30% rest will do the job.

Next target is $360.

My stop loss is now at $295.
交易结束:到达止损: Got stopped out this morning at $295.

So therefore the 30% rest of my position had less profit than possible.
But I got in at $280 a few days ago. It´s still a 5% profit.

The main part of my position I sold at $343,5 with a 23% profit.

No I looking for a new entry.

There are two options for me:

a) We will get another wave down to the 290-280´s. Then I go long in this range.
Stop loss in this case will be $275.

b) We break trough the $315-319 area what will be enough confirmation for me. Then I go long there even if it will be less range to my targets.
Stop loss in this case will be $295 like before.

My targets are actually still T1 $340 and T2.
But I am already in a good profit. So I let it flow to see what happens. ;)
交易开始: Long! Target $360.
Thanks for sharing!
NickSdot GMOMutation
@GMOMutation, you are welcome. :)
Without confirmation over 290,01 it is still no LONG zone!
NickSdot enderkina
@enderkina, obviously, we have other approaches. What is nothing bad. I made already $12 profit per ETH, you? :) And can go short if it goes back to $285 by still making a decent profit, tho.
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