Technical/Fundamendal Analysis and Trading Methodology Concept

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My trading strategy uses some financial engineering techniques, together with applied mathematics that is based on theory of games and theory of probabilities.

The automated calculation matrix of possibilities works with trades at market execution and different pending orders (including counter-trades) at different weights for the same fx-pairs' baskets. The trading methodology provides very nice opportunities to maximise profitability, and/or to keep safe our equity at times of enhanced volatility (or falter-check ups/downs of the fx rate). I've been testing it for some time...

My ideas divide technical/fundamental analysis as a first step for our decision making.

Then, at step 2, comes my trading methodology, that may make extra benefits from our correct moves, but may also correct and bring profits from our erroneous ones

Cheers! ;-)
Oct 24
评论: I see that most of the users on that wonderful TradingView website have really mastered technical analysis. But how many of us have mastered the art of trading technically? ;-)
I hope you are right.....you sound soooooo CLEVER !!
Thanks. Actually I'm not that clever. Probation and errors are part from any experiment. When we are experimenting and testing our theorems, we make mistakes. Of course, on Forex these mistakes cost money. But here we can control how much we may lose. What if we play with 100 eur, and we imagine that they are 100,000. The results would apply the same way to 100 EUR as they will apply to 100,000 EUR, just they will have less zeroes. In fact this is very important when we are trying to improve our technical skills in trading. Once we've learned how to trade successfully with 100 EUR, we may easily apply that knowledge to 1,000, 10,000 and 100,000 EUR. But in fact many people don't have patience to learn well, to take the time. Most of them hurry to hit the jack. And they realise something's missing in their knowledge, when they have lost plenty of money, which puts an end to their trading experiments. I also lost money on forex, and continue to lose sometimes, when my formulas don't manage to save me. Everything is possible here, we are all on a global financial market, and we aren't that much significant to control the situation with the fx rate. And also, no one of us may really know what will happen next. We all make assumptions. We all make forecasts. All of us, without exception.

It is not about being clever. I just try to ask myself questions, and I try to be patient and I take the time to look for the answers. Sometimes I find them in philosophy, sometimes in psychology, sometimes in mathematics and etc. Important is that you know what you are looking for. Because the answer to your problems could be in front of you, but you may miss it. And sometimes, we may have excellent skills in mathematics and in technical analysis, but we may not be able to apply them for our benefit.

Now I have developed a methodology. But this doesn't mean that I will be always successful. I also need to learn how to apply that methodology for the best. It's something like developing a time-machine. You've done it, the machine is working. But still you have to learn how to operate that time machine, to see how it speeds up, how it moves forward and backwards, what could be the risks, and how you should behave when you are driving it on the highway!!

I am not more clever than anyone else. I am sure that everyone of us may experiment and develop such "time-machines". Important is to take the time, and take care of your homework tasks applying logical reasoning, creating thinking, and always checking up what you'll get as a result from the application of your scientific algorithms. Science isn't that much complicated!!

Sometimes science starts in the garden, where a falling apple (Newton) may start up a science school in physics about gravity... :-)

Thank you and cheers!
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