Short trade on Template 1 EUR/USD

FX:EURUSD   欧元/美元
As you may know, we are still short since yesterday and we took shorts based on yesterdays template 1.
Video here - , since prices are predetermined we don't care that we got in DD , it will hit the TP since this pair is smelling short.

This here is Daily template 1 for Eur/Usd for 20.04.2016, pretty simple yet powerful.
We will update if there is a trade based on this template today during the day.

Login in our live accounts and monitor them:
Account NR1 ( Initial Deposit 4.880 EUR )
LOGIN: 2006405
PASS: TPparadigma@123

Account NR2 ( Initial Deposit 10.000 EUR )
LOGIN: 11048814
PASS: TPparadigma@123
SERVER: AdmiralMarkets -live2

Download these templates at www.tpparadigma. org
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Sincerely, TP Paradigma.
交易开始: I guess market will reach Daily Trend level @ 1410, so I placed Sell limit from there as well!
评论: A lot of questions if DT will be reached, why not buy? The thing is I did not say it has to be reached, I said I guess it may be reached! If it is not, no Big deal. We are going for TP anyway.
评论: Today's DS reached, hope we can break it.
评论: It may be tricky now. DT is not reached, but DS is reached, so DS can reject the pair back up! So it will give us one more Sell entry. Let's see!
评论: DSSA blocking, but anyway if we take a look at monthly template, Gateway level is broken, and there is no way blocker to TP zone! So DSSA is the only one blocking the path to TP :)
交易结束:到达目标: TP reached!!
What should I do, if the second level will be broken? should I open one more short position?
TheZabisyu ValtsVladimirLiepnieks
Not recommended to do so since there still is DSSA ahead. It can now shoot back up, if that happens then you can enter position.
Thanks a lot for the advice.
Will see how it goes.

Best regards
TheZabisyu ValtsVladimirLiepnieks
Cheers man!
TheZabisyu ValtsVladimirLiepnieks
Have to see how DS level interacts now with eurusd. It is reached, so it may reject it now, and shoot back up! But anyway TP will be seen! If it shoots back up, it just will give us one more Sell entry.
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