How I Trend Trade (3)

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You can trade the market and make money using only the KS and nothing else. This is a good method for someone who does not have a lot of time. More complete and complex methods will be mentioned as we go along

1. Decide on the market direction using the direction of the KS as mentioned previously. If price is inside the kumo (clouds) do not trade for that day.
2. Your job after that is easy. Buy/Sell with an order at the KS
3. Place the stop loss (SL) at the previous day's high/low
4. Everyday, update your SL to the previous day's high/low
5. If the KS goes flat for longer than 25 candles then liquidate the position
6. If you are stopped out then restart the process

I hope you try this method and enjoy its profits

Good luck

评论: Working on the next slide

Stay tuned guys and please follow, like and comment

Good luck
Question: When you are you making the orders/adjustments?

For instance, you state on D4 you'd sell at KS... but the KS moves and intersects the price action more than once that day. - If you place the sell at KS anytime before 7am, it won't get filled. if you place the sell at KS anytime after 15pm, you loose most likely.

I covered that in my educational material where i talked about static vs dynamic KS
Please take some time to read it there
How often does this system require updates? What is recommended?

If the time frame is in hours, is the buy order (set to KS) updated every three, 6, 12, or 24?

It's stated the SL is updated once a day, just not sure what to make of the buy orders. (Over the last week, most orders I've placed haven't been filled when put on the KS)...
When you say the KS is flat for too long, what would be the period that if Flat you should exit or avoid the trade ?
Ichimoku_Trader felippe.correia

25 candles
Thanks for the info. But where is the high of D1 that you are referring on D2? Can you please pinpoint it?
Ichimoku_Trader StarGazer23

it would be around 1.285
StarGazer23 Ichimoku_Trader
@Ichimoku_Trader, thank you for answering. Do you just use ichimoku for a trending market and not on a ranging market?
If you are trading in a ranging market, do you still use the ichimoku or other tool?
Ichimoku_Trader StarGazer23

I use ichimoku for all markets
Infact, ichimoku is the only tool that can be applied to both trending and ranging markets
StarGazer23 Ichimoku_Trader
@Ichimoku_Trader, when you are trading ranging markets, do you still follow your rules along with the kijun sen or you change some of it?
Can you please give an example how you trade the ranging markets?
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