EURUSD - Bigger shark in play now with PRZ@ 1.21

The way EURUSD is rising, I highly doubt it will turn at 1.18 as per my view few days back.

It has also broken the H4 channel.

I will be waiting for potential shorts when it completes the shark pattern close to 1.21.

Let's be patient and ride our profits on GBPUSD and CADCHF .
Nov 19
I am looking forward to a retest of this 1.1670- 1.1680 zone to buy into EURUSD.

Today is Monday, I am in no hurry to get into new trades yet.

Looking forward to a bullish end to Nov for EURUSD.
Nov 26
EURUSD is now trending in this h4 channel, heading towards my target at 1.21.

An effective way to trade Eurusd next week is to wait for a pullback into the lower boundaries of this channel to go long.

Stops will go below the previous swing low.

Do not go long around the highs, be patient.
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