EUR/USD broke a 30 min trendline. Opening a Short trade

FX:EURUSD   欧元/美元
I expect that monday the price will broke the little red trendline ( T3 ) and after test the support ( S1 ) and maybe break it. My SL area is from 1.07545 to 1.07645 and the TP are near to 1.05700.
I'm waiting a bearish moment due to 2 main reasons:
1) technical analyse: I already explained it on the chart... the broke of the T2 and a confirmation ( ceiling test ) is a bearish signal
2) corelation with the Index GER30 ( DAX )... in my analyse of this Index I'm expecting a Bullish momentum because of the Technical analyse i already did.
I'm gonna manage the position like a daily one; this means that i'll open and close several positions during the day... i'll try to take the best entries and exits. The broking of the SL area could also make me changing the mind about my positions ( if it will happen ).
I'm gonna public only the analyse here, hopping that it'll help you in your trading, but i remember you that the analyse is not enough to close a day in green.
If you're interested to know my positions and my entries just contact me in p.m. and I'll be happy to share with you. Writting here the actualisation is very slowly and this is the reason i decided to use the chat with the people who are interested. I'll also use this analyse to open BO and cowntdowns trades.
I hope it will help you.
Kind Regards,
Delta B.
Hi guys, the trade is going well. I expect a possible retracement but I don't know the power it will have. I prefer to protect my trade, so i'm gonna change the SL area at 10 pips upper to S1 ( the red support line you can see in the chart )
The_Shipwrecked The_Shipwrecked
closed the trade at 1.06548 ( S1 ) with 10% of my account in profit. I hope your trades finished / or are going in the money. :)
Good evenning, i agree, but long term up, i think Trump ideas will loss in the market. EUR up / FDAX down ... long Term. See you guy!
Hey man, nice to hear you ! about the trade it seems that our little friend Trump is working hard with his plan... i hope enough to move the market in TP.
The_Shipwrecked The_Shipwrecked
anyway neither me expected so a reaction this morning... happy sorpried :)
Hi, nice idea, how are you determining you TP area?
@iSummer, hi, actually i use PP Fib to determine the SL and TP the most of the time. The real point at which i'm gonna pay atention is 1.05897 .... here's the PP daily P.... I'm gonna close here the position if i see a bullish force... did i answer at your request, sir ?
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