Chart Template that i will be using

FX:EURUSD   欧元/美元
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This is my chart settings that will be used to determine my entry points. I will be using 4 EMAs.
the values are 10 EMA (high) , 10 EMA ( Low), 50 EMA (High) and 50 EMA (Low).

I have included one CCI value 13 with typical price settings ( HLC ).

The moving averages will help me to determine trends and the CCI will improve the probability of my long/short trades.

Alright that's it for now and if I do see any good trades next week I will post it.

Have a good weekend.
The 10 h/l MAs are great.
I coded a band indicator, maybe you find it useful to visualize things better:

study(title="High/Low MAs", overlay=true)
highma = sma(high, 10)
lowma = sma(low, 10)
p1 = plot(highma, color = green, linewidth=2, style=line, transp=50)
p2 = plot(lowma, color = maroon, linewidth=2, style=line, transp=50)
fill(p1, p2, color=orange, transp=80)

Add any custom indicator, go to source code, make a copy, rename and paste my code and save as 10 period h/l or whatever name you want.
Spearmanfx IvanLabrie
thank u so much for your code. i have added it and will use it on my next trade idea
IvanLabrie Spearmanfx
Hi, I posted a new version with more tools, since I use Bollinger Bands, and monitor the bands' width, and also applied an idea by Tim West, of using a 4 period MA of the close to trail trades too.
Might be a good tool I think:
Nice review.
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