Analysis and forecasts for EUR / USD 08/27/15

FX:EURUSD   欧元/美元
Thursday was another day where we could watch the appreciation of the dollar against the euro . The supply side supported by very good data from the US, no major problems overcome support at 1,1277-82 (61.8% Fibonacci retracement increases of 1,1016-1,1712). Then the supply headed for the area aids at levels 1,1180-1,1225 I presented as a goal in yesterday's report this morning. After reaching a low of 1.1202 there was profit.

According to yesterday's analysis, on Friday we can get another package of data that will support the dollar. I refer to consumer inflation in Spain and Germany. These are not figures of the caliber of Thursday's readings from the US, but in my opinion it is worth going to look at them. Friday's readings may be weaker because of the falling prices of raw materials. In the event of deflation, the European Central Bank will be forced to further action.
In the second part of the day we will see a series of US data. Investors will pay indicators of inflation (PCE and core PCE), which are used by the Fed to create forecasts. It will also look at the data relating to personal expenses and the index of consumer sentiment University of Michigan final.

The outlook for EUR / USD:
After reaching at least on the level of 1.1202, we can see a small rebound, which in my opinion should not exceed the resistance level at 1,1277-82. Then the voice should reach the supply side. The signal to stronger declines will be weaker data from Europe and better readings from the US. In this case, the first should be directed toward Thursday low at 1.1202 and then further object should be support at 1.1179 (76.8% Fibonacci growth of 1,1016-1,1712). Maximum range for supply in Friday's session seems to be a zone at levels 1,1113-28 support levels (peaks in late July). At the end of the day may be profit-taking due to the closure of part of the position before the weekend.
In an alternative version Friday's data will support the euro , which will demand for a stronger rebound past declines. In this case, demand should overcome resistance at 1,1277-82 and head for higher price levels.
Good analysis Robert, Thanks
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RobertPapon rubiapriyanto
Thank you. I hope that further analysis will be even better
thank so much.
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RobertPapon ChatchaiVong
You're welcome.
I have the same idea. I follow your analysis every time.
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RobertPapon PooyaSalehipour
Thank you
PooyaSalehipour RobertPapon
nice forecast... perfect. now its proven.
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