EEM/EWZ pairs trade (covered strangles)

EWZ and the Emerging Markets ETF EEM have a strong correlation (Since EEM have 7.7% of brazil stocks). The correlation for the last year have been .92, and the last 30 days have drop to .40.

Today we got a strong move on EWZ of -3.18% at the time of the trade and -.64% on EEM . By trading one to the upside and the other to the downside I will look to reduce risk on this trade until time has passed enough to take my profits.

The trade is two Synthetic Covered Strangles

EEM 38.5/40.5 Calls for $1.92 credit
EWZ 38.5/35 Puts for $2.95 credit

In total we got $4.87 credit (1 to 1 ratio) and will look to close at $2.00.

I don't do a lot of these trades, but I find them very interesting so lets if in the next 30 days we can close for profits.
交易结束:到达目标: Winning Trade, Closed.
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