Powerful Daily Affirmations to Transform Your Trading

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Powerful Daily Affirmations to Transform Your Trading

Daily affirmations are a widely practised method for attaining success and accelerating your ability to achieve goals.

The following affirmations are not stated for a sudden spark of inspiration, I want you all to take action and keep this positivity flowing throughout your entire trading journey.

I want you to write them down, pin them to your wall or print them off right now... Make sure you place them somewhere in view of your trading desk and read them every single day.

1. I believe in my trading strategy.
2. I naturally make smart investments.
3. I am not emotionally affected by my profits or losses.
4. I have a very healthy relationship with money, I treat money with respect and handle it with confidence.
5. I will do whatever it takes to reach my objectives, my goals and my vision.
6. I will only take trades that give me a reward which clearly outweighs my risk.
7. I will surround myself with successful, positive people.
8. My finances are always in order, I am always in control of my spending.
9. I invest in my trading education and in myself.
10. I will only trade what I understand, and won't allow anyone to manipulate my trading beliefs.

If you want to become a successful investor, you need to change your way of thinking.

What are your daily affirmations? Leave a comment below.
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ty man
@mehdisdt, you're welcome!
why would someone needs to remind himself the obvious? people nowadays forget how to breath so easily?
@burrr, because it is important to not forget "THE OBVIOUS". And we do forget the obvious and its simplicity when we get all caught up and fail to "BREATH SO EASILY". We need a reminder and that is what THIS is. A lot of traders, young and old think that all you need is a strategy that works and the rest will fall into place... Well history has proven that belief to be false and the beginning of long-term failure. We need such daily reminders to stay sane and make smart decisions. Besides, lots of great and successful people owe a huge part of their success to affirmations and daily reminders in time when they were frustrated and at the brink of giving up so... perhaps there is something about them that really works that people with your mentality (no offense) can't seem to fathom??... Just saying. Remember, a strategy only works until it doesn't.
+1 回复
LewisGlasgow albertokundaye5
@albertokundaye5, do you know what I love? Traders just like yourself, keep everything simple and remember what is important... And ones who answer questions for me ;) thank you for the support!
burrr albertokundaye5
@albertokundaye5, the fact someone needs to remind himself its potential its a clear sign of low esteem and lack of preparation on a topic. mine was a rhetorical question and wanted to hear @LewisGlasgow arguments since im curious and because people like me (unlike how you incorrectly try to depict me) are mentally strong enough to believe in what we do, no matter what happens. but if you are happy lying to yourself rather than working on why you need to do it, then do it im not stopping you.
@albertokundaye5 thank you for your input it's much appreciated! @burrr I think you're missing the entire purpose of this post, it's hard for many individuals to stay motivated day to day with the amount of stress one goes under due to work, relationships and mainly their financial situation.

These daily affirmations are in place to keep people in a positive frame of mind, so no matter what happens you can keep pushing through the hard times to get to the good.

I agree, I'm similar to you... I'm constantly in a positive frame of mind, I have no doubts about my success, my mindset in general and my way of thinking is on an entirely different level in comparison to the majority, however, not everyone is you or I.

You need to understand individuals from their way of thinking rather than your own.
@burrr Hey man, like I said before, I didn't mean no offense nor did I intend to belittle you or anyone in any way. I sincerely apologize if I have offended anyone. We're all learning here, young and old, we all are. Much like @LewisGlasgow I do not have a single element of doubt in what I do but I also know the power of affirmations, what it's done and what it can do for people who are just starting out and whose confidence is still very fragile and I'm sure @LewisGlasgow knows exactly what I'm talking about. And hey by all means, you can have argumentative conversations with @LewisGlasgow for the purpose of enlightenment and I'd be happy to stay out of it. Best of luck boys and girls and to every trader out there!
Marlin fishing is different from fly fishing - neither have anything in common with trawling.
I'd say pick one pair,asset or stock, study everything about it, practice and master trading it.

Think like a hunter, what is your pray, where and when would you have an increased chance (edge) of making a kill?
Align everything to increase that chance and remove anything which doesn't add to it.
Remember, you're fighting against other hunters, so develop your own weapons and methods to improve your chances.

The number one quality in hunting is...wait for it...patience.
Develop your disciplin and mindset so that you're able to sit and wait until everything is aligned.
Then and only then should you pull the trigger.

Finally, write down and memorize your rules of engagement - to prevent you from waisting precious energy,time and resources.
Your priority must always be to stay alive in the market long enough to gain the experience on which to reach the next level.
Good luck!
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