Brexit GBPUSD Fib projection

FX:GBPUSD   英镑/美元
So it is the day of. The day of no return. The day we find out what we all knew to be true from the start...... The UK is going to STAY.

So, during the build up this morning, DO expect 100-150 PIP swings.
DO expect havoc on open trends. Fake breakouts. Fake reversals.
The moment the word "Remain" is uttered get ready for the largest move up in price for GBPUSD that we have seen in all time.

Historical trading days my friends. It's all about having an opinion. - Come and make your opinion pay
So just goes to show, none of us can win EVERY trade or get EVERY part of our analysis right....
Rather than delete this (as embarassing as it is) I am going to leave it up, as evidence that even at the top level of this game you can get it wrong.

The key is to drop a losing position fast and to hold on longer to those that run profitably! if you want to get in touch.
Shez STBinary
Wow...m touched
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