TVC:GOLD   黄金差价合约(美元/盎司)
170 3
trade with caution , this position may have risk .
gold will correct around 1240 then going up to 1350-1360 ,I will confirm if the down trend start.
评论: down start ..
You have not idea how eager I am for this correction! I want to buy in 2017 and sale when I retire. LOL (yeah right)
MSHOWLAG gciriaco
@gciriaco, open your eyes now it will correct .it will correct .now I can see a correct up to 1300 .
the point 1340 is the wave 5 of 3 I suspect to correct as wave 4.
MSHOWLAG gciriaco
@gciriaco, at 10 am EST. I will confirm if the correction really start as the market now is cold
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