ICXBTC moving in uptrend. I see triangle.
200 Million Users Messaging Giant LINE Partners Blockchain Project ICON
CHAIN ID : The world’s first blockchain joint authentication service
This post is to help you better understand CHAIN ID, the world’s first blockchain joint authentication service developed using theloop’s blockchain engine loopchain.

Discussions are underway in Korea regarding a regulatory shift away from the use of ‘Certified Certificates’. Certified Certificates are issued by a centralized Certificate Authority as a method of personal authentication (digital signature). Financial institutions are at the center of the debate, hoping to move away from using a centralized authentication method to a more diverse and flexible standard for personal authentication.

Answering to the needs of a new method of personal authentication, theloop has joined the Korea Financial Investment Blockchain Consortium as a technical partner to develop CHAIN ID. CHAIN ID is the world’s first blockchain joint authentication service and has been in use since October 2017 by 11 securities companies..

Public figures, such as the chairman of the Korea Financial Investment Association and Don Tapscott, author of ‘blockchain revolution’ and advisor of ICON, sent their congratulatory message in the opening ceremony of CHAIN ID.

We expect the blockchain joint authentication service to extend its use into other industries as well.

March, 2018 — Token Swap, Mobile wallet
April, 2018 — IISS launch, ICO platform
Q2 2018. — ICX/ETH DEX, Public Channel
Q3 2018.— Governance Channel, IISS Improvement
Q4 2018. — SCORE Improvement
Trading Summit with EXCAVO Bali 20 jan - 3 feb

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If you did the opposite to what he said then you would have made money! So wrong again!
ICON is a tough one mate. Key is to look for its pattern and make sure BTC is on the up..otherwise if in a bear, it will just bleed. Always does.
SemenNick SemenNick

I'm afraid that everything depends on bitcoin
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Icon in development is much more adult.than any other similar project like cardamom for example.
Coin is undervalued and long term target will be easy in 100$ range.
Excavo always delivers great charts. I do believe target is only short term and will be much higher at longer time span.

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If btc doesnt drop.this fact that every coin in the market depends on btc is ridiculous
@mazyarapps, its not ridiculous its reality ;) Btc is and always will be the main coin ;)
This coin is amazing. Has better project that 99% of other coins out there. Should be in top 10 IMO! Super undervauled , and i think your targer is too low, this should go up 200% sooner rather then later !
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briannadotlove CryptoCyberpunk
@CryptoCyberpunk, MOD is better
CryptoCyberpunk briannadotlove
@briannadotlove, LMFAO . i did not realize there is a competiton which one is better ;)
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