Ignis: up to 220% in next 2 weeks?

BITTREX:IGNISBTC   Ignis / Bitcoin
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Ignis, a NXT 2.0 as they say. It was "airdropped" to NXT (bag)holders in what was one of most blatant PnD's I've seen in 2017, right after Verge. Still nobody knows what IGNIS does and why does it exist, and how does it actually find it's place in the Ardor ecosystem.
Three months later; after bagholders and FOMO kids have sold out it's looks like it's dead. But, now IGNIS has a native population of whales, and whales have decided to turn the tides.
I guess we'll see an organized pump followed by PR campaign which will explain us why IGNIS exists and why it's the best thing ever.
交易开始: Still the same setup, accumulate and be patient.
How do you determine when Whales are buying? What indicators and methods do you utilize? At least you are one of the few traders on here that recognizes the importance of studying WB (I.e. Whale Behavior).

All these markets PUMP because of Whales; not because of their fundamentals. Richard Wyckoff has proven this for speculative markets.
Owcheew8 mightytrader
@mightytrader, nobody give a f about fundamentals in crypto. It's all about whales and "greater fool theory".
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@Owcheew8, I, personally, only care about Bitcoin. I could care less about all this other junk like Ethereum, NEO, DASH, ZCash, et. al... For altcoins, I just care about what's gonna PUMP and make me more Bitcoin or dollar.

I think Ignis will PUMP because whales are accumulating and filling their stomaches with all the little fishies that kept HOLD'ing and now they can't take it anymore and sell out.

Regarding the actual tech. behind Ignis and that it's some child chain and can scale business.... So what?? I could care less.

The only value this shit-coin has is its PUMP-potential. $$$
mightytrader mightytrader
typo: * HODLING ;)
Owcheew8 mightytrader
@mightytrader, I agree with you on all points. Beside thinking Btc is any different. It's just another useless shitcoin which is used by whales to make more USD.
All coins act the same, Bitcoin is really no different.
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@Owcheew8, You don't like Bitcoin? I always liked it because it was first and it is the simplest and easy to understand. I believe it is the most secure and has proven itself over almost 1 decade. It is by the far the most decentralized, IMO.

Now, I think the price is artificial and pumped. I also think it might not exist 5-10 years from now. But I cash out some along the way and for the rest I am willing to lose in order to gain MOAR. ;)
Owcheew8 mightytrader
@mightytrader, It's not that I do not like it I just think there is nothing special/unique about it. I especially dislike it's economic (deflationary) and the fact it's basically a pyramid scheme.
I was just never able to take it seriously for reasons mentioned above.
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Interesting project for sure...but from a chart perspective looks like we have another wave down to go possibly before it impulses up.
Owcheew8 PaulPatzig

I know what it is and what it does, but in context of market it's how I've said it.

> the longest stable PoS architecture in existence, in a variety of ways.

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