KO 2 bullish bat pattern before ER.

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NYSE:KO   Coca-Cola Company (The)
As the market becomes so volatile recently, that's when I'll be focused on defensive stocks like KO.
Money doesn't really have many places to go and U.S stock market is still one of the best choice as not so many comparable alternatives,
but it will be much more a bottom-up strategy than top-down strategy recently.

To trade both bullish bat, here we got this KO trade to buy here to wait for reversal sign here to buy and double down at 42.00 spot.
Even if we put the out below 40.00 huge size fig, it'll only be a 6-7% risk trade, that's the lovely part to trade a stock like KO.

Earning report @ 31 Oct is another issue to notice, still I'll be more willing to buy after the earning report.
Accordingly, I may take only a very tiny position to trade the bat here, and wait for the pullback to 42.00 after ER,
so that even if it surges to the sky after ER, I can have some positions to participate.

Let's see how it goes!

the small one got the TP1 yo!

took some profit before the previous high yo!

Taste the feeling yo!!
took some off before 50.00 fig , trail the rest!

Defensive stocks ROCK!!