Delusional LTC moon dreams am I rekt?

0.01 seems to provide good support If this fails then long more at 0.008 and then 0.007. I've bought spot and also margin longed this and im not using a stop loss. probably going to get rekt but maybe the banksters try to moon all alts before christmas and failing that im betting that whales may start to get into alts around march similar to early 2017 alt season. Do your own research and dont trust a shit trader like me. I consistently get rekt and im most likely going to lose my life savings but ill still cling onto these moon dreams choo choo motherfuckers until I get liquidated.
Hey boys, relax. LTC will moon. It's just written in the stars. Just one more month of pain to endure. Stay long and strong. 100% guaranteed.
captrade fortunekr
@fortunekr, The histrionic crypto clown is dragged into a psych ward desperately clutching a painful vestige of his crypto addiction. For his smart phone screen beams brightly, the frightening red candles that have come to gradually erode the crypto clowns delusional aspirations of freedom from wagecuckery, leaving him but a sobbing mess of barely audible and labored exasperations of 'h-hodl' m-m-moon' 'some-day' 'chikun it cucked me' I've lost all hope in LTC I haven't sold but I consider this part of my portfolio rekt.
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choo-choo the pain train is coming!
captrade Sabibaby
@Sabibaby, I have fallen for the LTC meme; the altcoin and shitcoin meme. I'll be liquidated before Christmas just in time for alts to rise in early 2018 and vehemently vent my frustrations on the general chat; complain that all my shitcoin positions have all been liquidated and that I have no more BTC to trade as a result of these impending shitcoin induced loses. But at least Ill have a new job at Mcdonalds flipping burgers in a melancholic daze, which will barely afford my new-found fast-food addition needed to only help quell my misery, let alone afford any wholesome investment into crypto to take advantage of the 2018 alt season.
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Sabibaby captrade
@captrade, me too! I impetuously dumped LTC for XRP despite the emblem above my monitor written in blood "HODL", "two weeks". It started with me forgetting to take my meds and led to a late night romp through bittrex trading away my core holdings for 100% ripple and depleting my bank account thinking "I get paid Friday and and if people just be patient I'll be a millionaire soon and I can pay them back even more."
captrade Sabibaby
@Sabibaby, Even if you are being ironic, I can still relate. These moon dreams are portfolio crushing. I closed my LTC margin long at 0.0109 at 0.0096 for .3 loss so maybe we bounce now. I've turned my 8.6 BTC into 2.5 BTC margin trading shitcoins, trying to catch falling knives to no avail. My life savings are rekt. Where can I find the will to live when my meme coins have plummeted? I'm not even sure what to do with my life. Crypto was the light at the silver tunnel; my chance to make it. These remaining 2.5 BTC which I havent lost are still in FCT LTC BTS and LISK and maybe I should just take it. Fill the whales' orders; capitulate in a fearful haze of FUD as the potential to lose all my bert consumes my state of mind; these losses are all I can think about; these markets which are so cruel and merciless consume my waking hours and still I fail. If the BTC dominance moons to 70% this will crush the alt market cap, devouring the investments of altcoin HODLers and their impetus to live; their sanity; these moon dreams cast outwards into a lingering, painful limbo of a nebulous past time What do we do man? Do we fall for the hodl meme with steadfast loyalty? And what happens if there is no bounce? Our life savings will be ded and then a part of ourselves will be gone forever as well.
Sabibaby captrade
@captrade, woah, woah, hold on man... I think BTC is way over bought and the free BTC2X coins will be shit. I expect BTC to crash after the splits, it will rebound a bit but slowly. I still do think LTC is a great investment, see my LTC/BTC prediction I just made (well it's a joke). I dumped the XRP with a small loss and went all in BTC figuring it will rise irrationally and then dump. I've been picking up litecoin slowly on the way down.

If you can be patient until Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas you might come out of this ok. I've followed some of the pro's on here and I can tell you they're even guessing at this point. This all happened last fork and look what happened in September and August.

Either way the entire market cap of all crypto's will be going to $250 billion in 2018, that might even be a low estimate. Just got put those scared feelings away for a bit.
captrade Sabibaby
@Sabibaby, Ignorant and short sighted day traders with their self fulfilling infantile philosophies, fallacies and false hopes. Their gargantuan greed and grotesque tendencies for debauchery and unkempt hedonism. I'm not a fucking normie day trader. I am a pure crypto HODLer. I am a virgin and that is something to be proud of. I dont fall prey to the day trader's unfettered white knight practices; their unscrupulous desires to impress Stacy with luxurious items. I don’t use my meager financial profits to bolster my self esteem. I disregard women and their malignant sexual deviancies. I have no friends. I am not consumed by any thirst for validation by insentient normies just as any low brow day trader is or would be. This saves my valuable time and in conjunction with the dismissal of superfluous technical analysis strategies such as Elliot waves, their ichiomoku memes, In favor of fundamentals, I have more energy to expend on more important studies. I have all the time in the world to pursue worthy enlightened intellectual endeavorers. I am a master of existentialism, solipsism, nihilism, anti-natalism and my mastery of these topics is a truism to my intellectual prowess over the day trader's insentient philistinism. The knowledge garnered from my intellectual pursuits has only emboldened my understanding of market movements. If I tried I could make 10000% a week well above the average of any day trader's weekly P/L but I choose not to out of pity or mercy. I have resigned myself to a life defined by the HODL ethos and I will HODL these cryptocurrencies with unwavering might, an indomitable conviction which will endure even the longest of bear markets the world has yet to see. But when the markets shift and the bulls devour the bulls. Then who will be laughing all the day traders mistime the market and short the bottom? Their liquidation will fuel the bull run of my moon dreams. The day trader's greed is a vital source of my wealth.
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