LTCUSD / H2 : Still some bull potential but now : WAIT or SELL

Somebody asked me to comment on this chart so here's my view. Always using combination of market cycle analysis via PRO Sinewave and Elliott wave counts to highlight target zones and price structures.

For the Lite Bitcoin vs Dollar here's my analysis :
Sinewave gave all the trades prior to the break (even a short scalp that would have made a free long entry with paid stop !) I also helped to confirm the triangle formation that triggered the 3rd wave break that confirmed it will most likely be the extended wave of this count (which we now know it was but we could have anticipated this back then). Anyway that 3rd way have reached it's targets, both regarding the 1st wave extension and the subcount 5th wave projections. SO... there's no point putting any long position at these prices. All we can do now is wait for retracement to call again on Sinewave signal near the cluster support identified. Agressiv traders can even consider a counter trend short here with stop above the fibonacci targets cluster. Of course this will be for a corrective and that means leverage has to be downsized here.

Allright ! That's all for me !
Hope this idea will inspire some of you ! I'm pretty new to TradingView so I'ld appreciate any like/follow if you feel like it deserve it ;) @PRO_Indicators
评论: for now I'm just in with the short low leverage on the agressiv entry signaled in the m5 chart pic joined in update. Still waiting for a SELL cycle confirmation to step in more seriously and target the break of the current support level to get some nice retracement targets. But of course keeping in mind that this is counter trend and will be secured fast and fully taken profit on early targets in order to pay for long entries in trend afterwards ;)
交易结束:到达目标: Perfect trade here ! Early agressive signal happened to be market top, the expected confirmation signal came in exactly as expected... Well that was pure and simple here. Breakout happened when I was asleep... and I had the pleasure to wake up this morning with a nice +2,5% gain on equity (BTC dropped 15% but i was low leveraged... as usual on volatile elements like that..)
Here's the updated chart...
交易开始: Missed the short opportunity here.. I was basically waiting for this... but that's too late now. I'll short if a SELL signal comes up to validate the range completion and the probable break that should follow if this happens.
Here's the updated 5m chart... We now have a more precise target for calls... It's all explained clearly on the chart as usual

交易开始: One more update.. Sell signal didn't show up. But we have the break.. is seems pretty valid to me. I shorted it. Stop is placed as signaled in the chart. Target as well :
交易结束:到达止损: Final update for short... Scenario aborted. Possible price reactivation in course.. NO MORE COUNTER TREND SHORT AT THIS POINT ! its too risky. H2 main chart just gave the buy signal... I may have missed the bull shot here.. So I'll enter on m5 breakout signal... so far nothing like that showed to .. so standby !
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Pro great chart, so looking at your sell is 52 then rebuy at 40?
@othmana86, That's exacly the plan. I just uploaded a new update. Trade short is now cancelled and exited with small gain but.. a gain on scenario failure... always means a gain !
othmana86 PRO_Indicators
@PRO_Indicators, Thanks! good work. for a long do I hold till 52. or sell at the stop of 42-43? I got in at 38.5 and 40
I am buffled by your pro sine indicator. Tell us more about it>? COuld u please analyse dax30 or ger30 using pro indicator?
PRO_Indicators Hashimato_pip
@Hashimato_pip, Already done some analysis for GER30 ;) Still waiting for price confirmation on that scenario.. prolly this week !
Looks good. We have some bearish signs. Just be careful, this bull is super-strong ;) And I think he wants $100+
@MarcelV, maybe.. I'm on for now. just posted an update with m5 timeframe
@MarcelV, Need to have a decent signal... then manager to turn down the current support and doors should be opened to reach first support area
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