Long Litecoin - History Repeats Itself

Price target: Moon.

This is much more predictive than my typical technical analysis but with 4 Hour 3 Hour 2 Hour 1 Hour Stoch RSI overbought I can't help but think we hold resistance one more time before headed to the top of the long term channel. Similarities to last rocketship are uncanny.

I'll be looking to buy if we hold support at $38/LTC and start going up coinciding with bullish RSI and MACD . Tight stop loss breaking support at $38 on volume .

If we breakout above resistance here I'd be looking to buy around $44/LTC
I hope it goes to 38 as well, can accumulate more. We still have two weeks till Aug 1st...not sure if that could play out as another bloodbath.
LTC stay up and good position BUT if BTC not support (up) you think LTC can up?
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