LTC bull run

205 4
Expecting LTC to rise.
Green vertical line is the date of LitePay launch (26. February) which may trigger the run.
Red dotted line is where I bought it :).
交易开始: We have a very nice breakout
Whatcha thinking bossman, a run down to 120 followed by a rally up?
kometonja NickPadovani
@NickPadovani, Tough one. BTC looks like going up, RSI and MACD confirming uptrend. On the other hand there's a strong resistance and a weak-ish volume. I'd say it will do whatever BTC does, with a good chance of not going to 120 levels. To me it doesn't matter I am hoping this will play out In a week, two max. Keep in mind that I am a noob who bought at 233.
@kometonja, It's okay, i've had some high buys lol (320/300, etc). But i've managed to pull a couple big flips, so i'm happy. yeah, i think we're on a slowly ascending uptrend, but who knows!
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kometonja NickPadovani
@NickPadovani, looks like we have a brekout without 120 levels
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