Monaco (MCO) – Solid Project (520%+ Earnings Potential)

BITTREX:MCOBTC   Monaco / Bitcoin
Another solid trade for your guys, and another coin that is also available on Binance; for my Binance People. Monaco ( MC             ) is one of the cryptocurrencies that are trying to make it easy for you to spend your virtual money. They have a product where they offer their clients a debit card, with which you can spend your cryptos. They are facing some problems, but this is no big deal, there will always be challenges, we just have to overcome them.

This is a strong coin that knows how to pack volume . When it takes off, it is going to be a fun and profitable ride. We will enjoy watching our money grow as our MCO             coins grow in value. Yes, that is definitely happen, if you do believe me, let’s confirm with the charts. I believe they have something to say…

*** Instructions

Buy-in: 0.001000 – 0.001385


(1) 0.002155
(2) 0.002955
(3) 0.004185
(4) 0.005015
(5) 0.006235 (All time high)
(6) 0.009485 (New all time high)

Stop-los: 0.0009459

*** Indicators

- Can’t say that Monaco ( MCO             ) is in an uptrend, so we keep a short stop loss but, this is a very strong coin and it is looking for some action. One of the things I liked the most where the indicators on the daily chart . They are all showing plenty of room for growth.
- The MACD is doing a trend reversal, to wake up from the earlier correction and is pointing upwards now. There has been a fairly long period of accumulation in the past few days after MCO             broke out of its big decline.
- The DMI and STOCH are interesting on the daily chart . These indicators are good, they are sitting at the bottom, which means that the only way to go is up. But they can still use a nice push in order to get this coin going. We will be holding patiently until the time comes.
- Yesterday’s candle closed full green. This can translate into a good projection for today and the week that is starting.

*** Message about life

Live your life everyday like it is your first day, not the last. Open to new ideas, experiences and with the innocence to allow anything to pass.

Feel free to let others be, whatever they want to be in your life.

Don’t worry about what “might” happen, focus on your own thoughts, your own behavior and how you can be of help to everybody with whom you interact.

Go day by day knowing that everything is always going to be great for you. There might be challenges and fear, but these are chosen by you.

Know that everything that comes your door, you were the one to call at some given point in time.

So accept it for what it is. Learn your lesson and it will soon be in the past.

We are here to grow our essence, so experiences is what we want.

Accept them for what they are…

And before you know it, you will be making huge changes in your life.


Mantra: “Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem”
评论: We are within buy-in range, which means that you can feel free to open new positions (buy-in), re-buy (if you sold) and reload (if you have this coins and want more).

Please allow 1-2 weeks for this trade to develop.
交易开始: Monaco (MCO) is taking off and within buy in range.

Feel free to buy-in, re-buy and reload.
评论: We are holding all trades. The market is looking better, the altcoin prices are bouncing but the correction is not yet over.
I am still looking at Bitcoin and waiting for stronger signals as to when we will start to move back up.

For now we hold patiently.
I am not closing any of our trades since this is a market wide correction.

P.S. Tomorrow we will have a better understanding as to where Bitcoin is going, but we will resume trading soon.

Thanks for your support. I love you!
评论: Monaco is having some action, which is good. The price is moving up.

On the other hand, this coin was Pumped and Dumped earlier today, here is a quick example, this can be good for your learning. You can clearly see how a Pump & Dump looks like, a 30 minutes candle on the chart below, but the pump and dump all happened in a short 10 minutes. You can start to understand how this works, this is just some sort of quick scam for people who organize this.

Monaco (MCO) 30 minutes chart:

Now this is no big deal and this does not affect our trade. As you can see this only lasts a few minutes and life goes on.

This is not what we do here, here we have very good trades, planned for the long term based on chart analysis.

Do not worry about the learning above, this is no big deal and these happens all the time in these markets. Many group make money this way, pumping and dumping to earn 10-15% in a few minutes, but that is a very bad, short term view and short minded strategy. It is better to aim big and win big.

交易开始: This is a very easy hold. See you again in a weeks time.
Feel free to hold patiently this trade.
评论: For Monaco (MCO) the RSI is reaching early December levels, but the price is almost twice as strong (marked with an orange circle). Once the market wide correction is over, the potential for this coin still remains.

Here is the daily chart, from close:

Here is a wider version which shows that the potential is intact:

Once the market starts to move again, expect this coin to grow big and fast. It has been consolidating for a very long time. Long enough to achieve the type of growth we are used to and like once the market is back on bull mode.
评论: The charts are looking positive for Monaco (MCO). Good times coming for those who held.

I will be posting an updated trade analysis for it.

Thank you for your patience and your continued support.

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@alanmasters any update?
this will be a dead project...people start moving into mobile payment, who give a damn about debit card any more??? I wouldn't touch this project with a 10 foot pole.
+1 回复
Nafasion arthurpham
@arthurpham, It's not just a debit card... it's more like a cryptobank/exchange.
"Hello my name is Alan masters, im calling almost every coin, giving unreal targets of a few thousand percentages, write sh* and in the end just tell to wait until it gets it, somehow, someday. Bye"
+6 回复
kovenant MoneyRight
@MoneyRight, lol, good one
+3 回复
Marius0713 MoneyRight
Two months ago I bought 3 "Alan master's" SUPER-UNREAL "Sh" coins, whit unbelievable targets +500%- +1000%....It was just a joke. Spend only 300 $ and tried to see how good is the most popular "MASTER" on "Traiding wiew" and in the World : Results: (bought/price now): Nr.3 "Wings Dao": 1.83$/0.58$....Nr.2 "Gnosis": 350$/101$....Nr.1 "FIRST BLOOD": 1.83$/....0.20$...:-DDD
MoneyRight PRO Marius0713
@Marius0713, amazing results!
MoneyRight PRO Marius0713
@Marius0713, oh, but, wait... someday these will give 1000% return. Just f* wait. Namaste! I love yall cuz u make me alot of money in my private telegram group.
Anu update @alanmasters? Que are close to the event money 20/20. Great news are coming
+2 回复
In the next month the lockup for Monaco starts, the new app will be released, the beta test will be done and a new partnership will be announced. The Global rolout will be in two months. Let the moontrip begin!
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