NYMEX:NG1!   天然气期货
191 4
Strong reaction out of the support box (see prior idea) may indicate wave cir-ii is complete. Stop at last low. Initial target is resistance in wave (i). Hold a corrective pull-back for (ii) and this could fly in wave ( iii ) of cir-iii of 3.
Green fibs are updated, matching the minute waves. White fibs are measured off of the presumed 1-2.
I've started taking short-term profits. Looks like maybe one more pop before another consolidation in wave (ii). Keeps climbing over the upper blue box region and perhaps the green count is operative. White is still my base case.
Nick, thanks for posting. I'm in the Nat Gas trade currently using BOIL. Keep posting.
@bhowe, Good luck. UNG isn't investment grade imo. BOIL even less so. Should be alright trading in a strong trending market.
I'm having a friendly debate with some fellow members at ElliottWaveTrader.net on this count. Some are looking for a lower correction in my cir-ii, suggesting this is a (b) wave. I say, don't fight the start of a 3rd wave. Some are looking at lower price targets than what I've projected above. These lower targets are based on arithmetic fib projections and are more conservative than mine. The difference will only be recognizable at much higher prices.
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