NXT Pump Coin Not Ready To Pump (LOW RISK - HIGH REWARD)

NXT is a pump coin, there is no hiding that and it has had phenomenal pumps in prior month. After many of you requested an update on NXT, here it is. Nothing interesting in occurring as of right now since the airdrop of LELE coin was moved to IGNIS. Do not take this chart as our advise to not invest in this coin, that's not it guys. NXT is a pump coin like we said above, meaning that pumps can occur at almost any time, however due to lack of events for this coin in coming weeks, we will probably see a drop near or to secondary demand zone . We will make a new chart if we get confirmation of a break or airdrop.

Do not invest what you can't afford to lose. We are not your financial advisors.
评论: Just an update on yesterday's pump. That was a fake bull run.
评论: This is a LOW RISK trade for medium - long term traders. HIGH RISK for short term.
评论: Good stability
评论: We will see short term downtrend before upward movement as indicated by RSI and MACD

评论: This is a pump coin so you can just get in and wait for pump - best option at this point
评论: We are in our first demand zone - as I have said, no huge movement is expected
评论: Second demand zone is not far away - careful investing in this pump coin

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