OMGUSD ascending pattern confirmed

BITFINEX:OMGUSD   OmiseGo / Dollar
OMGUSD present a classic elliot wave + a classic ABCDE corrective pattern which clearly form a ascending triangle . At the light of the corrective pattern we can now affirm from a mathematical TA point of view that OMG gonna start soon an vertical ascending pattern. +16% in the last 24 hours represent exactly what im trying to show : impulse.

Short term target : 12$ish
Mid term : 32$
Great analysis. I beleive in similar movement. Hopefully see OMG reach 15-20$ around New Years.
so we buy now and sell at these prices?
SimonMercier MrAmrXMohameD
@MrAmrXMohameD, I bought a big chunk at 7. OMG is looking very bullish, not doubt if you hold mid term that you have great gain. Plus it is a great concept, great project so im in. It is up to you to buy/sell.