PAY/BTC - The sleeping GIANT ! - Big odds for early birds !

BITTREX:PAYBTC   TenX Pay Token / Bitcoin
Let's take a look at the pay token of TenX today.
In my opinion, one of the most undervalued tokens currently on the market, which has tremendous potential and is currently extremely cheap.

Background knowledge:

Due to a license problem from the former partner company Wavecrest, all of TenX's cards have been deactivated and must be replaced. This incident and the currently declining market trend, as well as the not yet redeemed profit sharing of Tokenhalter give some information about the current price development of Pay.

Glad for us!

As other card providers are also affected by the problems with Wavecrest, TenX has a great opportunity to establish itself ahead of other providers in the market. According to the current state, TenX should already receive the new license for their cards in the second quarter of this year.

Other factors that speak for a promising market share and thus for a rising price:

- TenX already has a working product
- It is planned that Tokens will get features and usecases such as e.g. Identification of the customers or participation of the
holders in profits
- Global awareness of the CEO ( Dr . Julian Hosp)

I. Entry:
good entry: between 0.00013-0.00015 BTC / PAY
optimal entry: between 0.00010-0.00011 BTC / PAY

II. First Target:
At 0.00023 BTC / PAY

III. Points 1 and 2 in the chart:
(1) 4 EMA signals a sell-signal by crossing the 18 EMA
(2) Is the time when the TenX receives the license and can issue cards and the price is likely to rise sharply

III. Strategy:
long-term hodlers = shopping and waiting for the first target
greedy guys = wait until BTC reaches bottom and then shop

Personally, I prefer to trade PAY on HitBTC(even if I do not like this doubtful Exchange...), because the big spread often makes easy profits per trade

评论: Hey CryptoExperts!

I hope you have shopped in time and got your winnings of 7,14% today ;)

I have a little note for the daytraders:
- just some exchange of experiences -

If one starts from the 1-day chart, one can conclude that the price remains the same in the short term (EMA 5 and EMA 14 are approaching only slowly and the volume is low) and in the long run it drops even further.
Due to the large spread at HitBTC, this offers a wonderful opportunity through arbitrage trading to achieve further redo on short notice.
As soon as the price changes reach the point at which their own orders can no longer be executed without generating losses, it makes sense to transfer the existing PAY to the Exchange Cryptopia and execute its last order there.

The idea behind this is that Cryptopia allows PAY to trade in decimals and HitBTC accepts only whole numbers.
In my experience, I was able to switch back and forth 3-4 times per price unit on average and generate profits in excess of 4%.
Thus, the "emergency solution" is to send its tokens on Cryptopia, as loss minimization.

For example, I bought 100 PAY for the price of 0.00014BTC/PAY this morning
Than I set immediately after a sell order of 100 PAY for 0.00015 BTC/PAY
possible gross profit: 6.66%

Scenario 1:
If I can not get rid of the 100 Pay for 0.00015 BTC on HitBTC

Solution 1:
I can still sell it via Cryptopia for current 0.00014722 BTC/PAY
possible gross profit: 4.9%

Scenario 2 and Worst case:
Prices are changing so much that I can not sell my PAY on either HitBTC or Cryptopia for a profitable profit.

Solution 2:
I sell for the purchase price of 0.00014 BTC and lose 0.1% in trading fees at HitBTC.
However, compared to a single trade, the potential trading fees are negligible.

From a static point of view, I did 1 trade at least every 2-3 days in the last few weeks and realise In my opinion, the game works best with a side value trend and low trading volume. On average, I traded every 2-3 days and realized an estimated gain of at least 4% per trade.
This corresponds approximately per month to:
(30 / 2.5) x 4% = 48% profit

Here is the catch:
You have to stay on the ball and you have to offer all orders immediately after the purchase to sell them again.

I hope you like it or get you further with your trades! And if so I'm happy about your likes and especially about your views and strategies !
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