Red Pulse (RPX) Short Trade on Binance (40% Profits Potential)

BINANCE:RPXBTC   Red Pulse / Bitcoin
A very young chart, as usual for Binance trades, so let me start with a caution: There is no history for this coin. It has been going down since it was added to Binance, and after reaching a low point, it is now breaking out and going up strong. Trade at your own risk, which is always true, but know that the markets are "choppy" and the trades being shared now have a higher risk than our usual trades. This will always be true until the market correction is over and the conditions change to positive. I know you understand.

Now, back to trading...

The chart for Red Pulse ( RPX             ) looks like a good set up, we are going to aim for short to stay on the safe side and because of the conditions of the cryptocurrency market. Now, let's make some money!

**** Red Pulse ( RPX             ) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters

We go straight to the details:


Buy-in: 0.000023 - 28

RPX             Short term targets:

(1) 0.000030
(2) 0.000033
(3) 0.000035

Stop-loss: 0.000022

Trade strategy: Buy in, hold and sell for profits. Aim for 20% profits and higher on the short term.

Note: Only use a small portion of your capital for this trade.


First let's take a look at the chart, this is a very short term chart, a 1 hour chart:

- Most of the details are on the chart. The bottom, the bounce, the breakout and the new trend line .
- All the indicators are trending upward or turning bullish .
- This coin is ready for a good, quick, short run.


I want to thank you for another day that we are together doing these trades.
I want to thank you for everything, for coming over and over, even when things don't go our way.

I want to thank you, because I know that it isn't easy to see the markets fall.
Regardless of what happens, more opportunities will always come.

Thank you for your continued support.
So please just keep on trading, your turn is closer than what you know.

交易开始: RPX started going down but we didn't hit our stop loss.

We are going to give this trade more time to develop. Make sure to have your stop loss active.

This trade is still active.

1H chart:
交易结束:到达止损: This trade didn't work out. But this is ok since we only used a very small portion of our capital on it, less than 5%, since this was very short term and high risk.

With a 10-15% loss on 5% of your capital, your total loss shouldn't be more 0.75% of your total capital. So not a big loss.

Red Pulse (RPX) charts are really young, so this trade can't be revisited until we have some history to trade it successfully and low risk.

There won't be anymore "high risk" trade as the market is looking like it will change direction, into the positive, soon.
评论: If you are looking at this coin because the price is going up, you can still use the targets shared in this trade idea to sell for profits when/if the time comes.
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Please update this chart
HI plz agin
I've been whip trading this for a night and am up about 35%. I'm not a pro. However, there's a pattern to the swings that after a pump ends, the buy in is at the top of the pump before it which turns into short term support. As of right now, that's at 2329 satoshis, and then it caps at the top of the last retrace down, unless it's pumping again. Just a heads up.
Scaremaze Scaremaze
@Scaremaze, thats as of 1:55pm pacific on Saturday
Scaremaze Scaremaze
@Scaremaze, Sorry to post again. It's allowed me in and out at about 30 minute increments at a time to avoid the BTC pressure
Scaremaze Scaremaze
@Scaremaze, It's about 6-8% per bounce
ion.tsurcan Scaremaze
@Scaremaze, I don't understand what you mean. What is the pattern you've noticed?
Good thing I didn't follow this trade. Otherwise I would've lost ~15%
Vinylman zheka160
@zheka160, exactly this guy needs to be taken off he's a moron
thanks for the analysis once again sir...
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