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POLONIEX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
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After the huge pump into Cryptocurrencies, a correction should have been expected. Well, we got one. Now the cycle repeats. So it should go without saying that after every correction there will be a pump. As traders our focus should be identifying the end of these corrections, so we can ride the next pump. As investors our focus should be in value, so we know that no matter what price we pay it's worth it. Both of these mindsets are very different. But what if you could combine these mindsets? What if you looked for value AND you knew how to get it on sale?
Some of you may already practice this in your daily lives. Let's use an example: Say you want to get a gym membership because you see the VALUE in health, but you also understand that not all gyms are the same. You shop around and find ones you like, compare prices and then put your money where your mouth is. But what if, when you went to that gym to pay, the gym attendant informed you that if you wait and come back next week there will be a sale on memberships that would save you $X.
So at this point you KNOW you're getting value, and it doesn't matter what you pay for the gym membership. At the same time you also KNOW you can get a deal on that value if you're patient. So it's a win win whether you get in high or low if your'e going to stick with it.
Anyways, I hope that makes sense for people. Have an investor mindset and understand where the deals are.

Taking that full circle:
As an investor, I like Sia coin. I've done my research. I've compared with other companies (Maidsafe and Storj). I've examined the dev team and used the Sia Coin products. Most importantly I understand the risks involved with start ups.

As a trader, I want to get in at the best price. I don't want to be in any draw down and I want the greatest return in the least amount of time. I understand the way markets work and can project future returns on my investment.

Bottom line. Sia coin is a good small cap investment and it looks like it can make a new high soon if we break out of this consolidation.

评论: Looking good. We got the limited downside move off the CTL and then the breakout.
Now were getting a nice consolidation under the 400 satoshi target.

All I am waiting for now is the momentum!
I really don't want to be in this if its going to be a crawler.

评论: Bounced off the short term target at 420. Getting a deeper pullback than I expected, but looking back in history we can see a similar pattern that has already taken place. I have transposed the ghost bars from the last consolidation period to where we are now.
评论: Still Hodlin.
评论: Goodmorning! Hope everyone held onto their coins. Target reached right to the pip.
So you're out of SC now? I knew I shouldve sold at 700...
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