STR next cycle 14k

POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
Last cycle of STR seemed kinda of strange; it died too early. It was a mix of not really having merit yet, mostly it just followed XRP as well as what didnt pump during March to July. STR is the real deal, especially with having current banks on board and the recent IBM partnership. This shows you majority of these alt coins have real potential long term future's and we are just getting started. We did wick to 4k+ however we for the most part traded up until the 1.0 fib. I am going to use the last cycle for extentions still to be conservative, but next STR cycle will get to 0.00014 for sure.

Currently we are in the 1d cloud, looking to find support.

Any buys pretty much from here to the bottom of the cloud are great. Could be drop out for a bit, sure we can and it would be a lot better to hold STR from a 500 buy rather than anybody who is holding from 1200-4000 and are getting emotionally tortured.

End of cycle targets would be 14k like we said as seen here

If we use the extensions from this last pump in june, we extend out to 22k however I would not be greedy past 14k from these prices here.
评论: STR still looking strong in the move. 1d cloud battle is looking good
评论: Anyone looking for an ideal entry into this, I would say a test of the 1hr cloud and .5 fib of the move is possible, 570-610 sat.

14k satoshis right? haha
JorgeA.Nino JorgeA.Nino
@JorgeA.Nino, Nice analysis btw
Papou JorgeA.Nino
@JorgeA.Nino, yup :)
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Hi from South Korea, I am always learning from your analysis... please teach more...
thank you for the great analysis
I agree with your analysis
are you setting any stop for the upcoming fork or HODL all the way?
Papou GabrieldeAssis
@GabrieldeAssis, No, I am slowly scaling into the alts here. I dont mind holding in a 10-20% loss at these levels, ill just average in more if thats the case. I treat BTC just like any other position so thats a seperate play. What I can buy with USD/USDT I use that, and I keep a trading balance of BTC; only way to do it. Buying and holding here is much better than all the fools who bought higher thinking we wouldnt get a deep 0.883+ retrace
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I fully agree with your TA, just remittance market in EU year 2015 was $150 billion and STR is is the number 1 choice when looking to must likely to get adopted. Exciting times ahead.
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