USDCAD, a 40-pips-risk inside day trade!

FX:USDCAD   美元/加元
In terms of inside bar trade as a day trader, I don't usually trade inside day directly as it may have huge risk that I can only take a small position.
While of course, the larger the time frame, the more significant the breakout,
so I often wait for the breakout of an inside day and find intraday opportunities in line with the directions.

In this USDCAD inside day case, breaking to the upside means a trend continuation, and breaking to the downside can be taken as a confirmation entry of the resistance level .
Moreover, it's only 40 pips risk!

I think it's a worth taking trade, let's see how it goes!


Just created a recommendation link of TradingView (linked to live chart), welcome to click it as a like button lol.

评论: stopped out~

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agree, im short
suntzucai suntzucai
@suntzucai, I don't really have preference on which side it breaks, I'm willing to take both ha
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