Public Live Test - Trade 1

FX:USDCHF   美元/瑞郎
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I want to live test a simple methodology I developed that doesn't require any proprietary indicators or special programming, so any trader with limited capital is able to trade without spending hundreds or thousands on special charting programs. For testing purposes, the methodology is being traded in a $4500 account with FXCM's Trading Station platform. Maximum risk on any trade is 1.25% of account at the time of each trade. Markets to be traded include only the following FX pairs: AUD/USD , EUR/JPY , EUR/USD , GBP/JPY , GBP/USD , USD/CHF and USD/JPY .

1) Daily trend: downtrend established at the end of November, 2015; corrective rally since middle of December, 2015.

2) 8-hour chart: AB = CD correction ends at 50% retracement , with oscillator divergence confirming a short setup.

3) 2-hour chart: oscillator divergence supporting the 8-hour chart analysis.

I missed the entry when it triggered, and now I'm waiting for a retracement back to that level.

Entry: sell 15,000 @ 1.00264
Initial stop-loss: 1.00634
1st target: 0.99492 (buy 6,000)
2nd target: 0.98549 (buy 5,000)
Trail stop on remaining 4,000
交易结束:到达止损: Filled and stopped out for a 1R loss

Starting balance: $4,500.00
Gross P/L: -55.15
Commission - 1.20
Ending balance: $4,443.65
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