USDJPY-Weekly Market Analysis-Jun21,Wk2

FX:USDJPY   美元/日元
Last week I've shared that USDJPY is in a Bullish Flag formation, if you have engaged in it, you would have earned 95pips just on the first target(approx. 930USD/lot) and 153pips to its highest point(approx. 1500USD/lot). These are the opportunities that you have been missing out on, and I hope that you didn't use the trading opportunity trying to figure out.

Well, at this moment, there is a buying opportunity at 108.70. The trade will be valid once it has a bullish confirmation at the price. Remember the Bullish Shark Pattern setup is a Buying Opportunity, not a Selling Opportunity.

My student, happen to have a similar view of the market movement, using a different strategy, check out the TradingView link at the bottom.

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