USDJPY-Weekly Market Analysis-Nov19,Wk5

FX:USDJPY   美元/日元
If you have been following on my trade analysis, you should know that I'm waiting for a buying opportunity on USDJPY for a trend reversal trade.

There are 2 strategy that I am waiting for to engage the trade.
1) Bullish Shark on the 4-hourly chart
2) Deep Bullish Gartley on the 1-hourly chart

As the level is close to each other, I chose the Bullish Shark setup on the 4-hourly.
The reasons, for this reason, is as follows:
i) I spotted the bullish shark pattern weeks before the forming up of the bullish deep Gartley on the 1-hourly(Trade what you see)
ii) the forming of the deep Gartley pattern broke 2 of the critical rule on Point D completion(if you learn from the right school ahem.. you should know, if you truly don't, then the source of your information may be way off)
iii) reward is to risk ratio of the bullish shark is way better than Gartley - well this is not the reason why I do this, but to many, this might be, not here to judge but I see that the 1st 2 reason is more important. Simply mean if I spotted the deep Gartley first and none of the critical rule is intact, I will trade base on the deep gartley target.

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