USDTRY inside day after all time high yo!

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FX:USDTRY   美元/新土耳其里拉
It's very rare to have such a trade on Forex trading as not so many pairs would be at its all time high/low.
There is crazy inflation going on in Turkish New Lira, and when it comes to an inside bar after new high trade,
"Only want to take the long" is always my answer

Worth trying if it's still able to break to the upside today, while as a daily chart trade,
this pair would also have crazy interest cost and crazy spread, so maybe an intraday momentum trade is the better idea.

Let's see how it goes!
tried some on the daily shooter breakout! Let's see how it goes!

Got the 1st kick on the shooter breakout yo!!!!

Even the shooter itself got more than 1:3 risk-reward!
I didn't put my out according to the shooter but the intraday low 5.26 yesterday when I traded the breakout, that makes the trade a 1:5 trade!

How can you not fall in love with inside bars yo!

Things start to get a little bit WILD
I'll take some profit here as there are basically NO PIVOT to trail.
(One of the best problem in trading though)

Put the rest positions of my out at 5.3700 and see what happens yo!

Man, that's just INSANE lol.