The last fall before $50s+

FX:USOIL   原油差价合约(WTI)
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Good luck as always!
good luck, but just wanted to let you know it broke an ascending triangle, probability says higher. Where your stop, i could see it trading to 44.50s by the end of today, if you were to be stop are you going to re-enter?
null Sonic_scheme
Yes, I was stopped out. I almost always use a 25 tick SL as my trade setups are high probability ones. For now I am gonna wait as this is probably gonna change direction at around $50 - 52, but it needs to get closer to these levels in order to be more specific about the exact point of entering. Stay tuned.
Haha, I hope it became true, though this is what I wish. I'm afraid some big buyers want the Oil price up.
null WeeklyTrader
Unfortunately you are absolutely right my friend.
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