Crude oil first short and then long

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TVC:USOIL   WTI 原油差价合约

On Wednesday, April 19, U.S. oil traded around 80.6/barrel; oil prices fell slightly on Tuesday, as upbeat economic data from the second-largest oil consumer offset concerns that a possible rate hike could curb economic growth in the largest consumer. The oil price given yesterday was a profit of more than 50 points before the opening of the US market, and there is still a profit of more than 50 points. In the current shock, both longs and shorts are fine, first go short and then go long.

Today's strategy suggestion: short crude oil around 81.2-81.5, stop loss 82.1, target around 8079.5. If the bottom of 79-79.5 is not broken, open a long backhand order.

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