SPY - S&P500 - Strong Support Right Under 210

CBOE:VIX   恐慌指数
1786 11 34
There is a "Hidden Support" level that I have published many times here at TradingView and it comes from the large, long term buyers who show up to absorb supply from weak, short-term sellers. The "hidden tracks" that these buyers leave in the market, in this case the SPY             ( S&P500             ) revealing their presence is the action of the VIX             indicator which retraces 75% of the last 5 point rally.

If you go back and see my other publications on this phenomena, then you can become more familiar with the power of this simple, yet powerful observation.



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I probably don't fully understand how this works. Early Nov 2015 VIX rose by atleast 5 points, and followed up with a 75% retracement. But what followed after that was a 300 point drop on SPX. (30 point drop on SPY). Did buyers get in then?
Yes. Because the smart money will always buy at a discounted price. Meaning they are buying at the Red Candles, and Sell it at the Green candles. At this level, it is a good buy, because the E Mini is in a discounted price.

However, you have to keep in mind that the ECB are removing the income by buying the Junk Bonds. The FED is not adding any interest rate injection in the economy. We'll stall at this level for sometime.
The 75% becomes an important level where big buyers did step in to load up. It doesn't mean they are correct every time. It is a very useful reference level. If you see my other charts on this, there was a level that wasn't tested initially, but then finally did in a dramatic way with a major drop in the SP500 (SPY).
can this large buyer be FED?
timwest PRO BekirTanriover
I believe it is pension funds, corporate buyers, M&A buyers, and there is always a chance that there are manipulating forces like you suggest (FED).
Does it apply for commodities as well?
timwest PRO al.calgary
Yes. The VIX is the S&P500 implied volatility, so VIX is used for the S&P500. You could analyze this technique if you could get the Volatility Index for each market. Any time that volatility collapses after a spike is a sign that smart money is moving into the market to support it. Smart money buys during periods of panic and sells out during periods of calm.
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You think spx500 will go up next week?
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timwest PRO NamNguyen5s
The level marks a KEY SUPPORT LEVEL and will be defended by big money interests. If it doesn't hold, and there are times it hasn't in the past, it can just mean that something much larger and new is being discounted in the market. I do like to figure out what the market is discounting and what it has discounted. From the looks of it, there was more than enough fear at the last low to indicate an important bottom was put in at that time. I don't want to guess every "week's direction" in the spx500. That's just not my style because I don't believe I have an edge in that time frame.
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