GOLD / Last stage 1307.

FX:XAUUSD   黄金/美元
Well, we made that far, and on my radar, I am waiting for last push ( what I need ) to 1307.
I will not enter buys anymore here, I have:
1229 Stop moved to 1270
1233 Stop moved to 1270
1263 Stop moved to 1270
1279 Stop moved to BE
That are waiting to be finally closed at 1307.

I will not enter anymore at this point because there is no clear level where one would do so.
It can go straight up on opening, it can dip down to 90 or even 85, if that happens yea, there I would buy one more.
If you don't give a fifth of a half eaten cookie about DrawDown you can enter if you want, but not suggested.

If this hits 1307 I am locking in the 22$ extra.

Anyway well-done everyone, since this one is already risk-free for you and Stops are way too in the green zone.

All the best.

Don't forget we will be looking for 1257, but for that, it is sensitive that 1307 is hit.
评论: Personally, I will try my luck and buy at 91ish with stop 84
If 91 holds all good, if 91 breaks then possible dip more.
I will run this position with Stop.
I am greedy.

评论: Super Close to hitting SL for an additional position at 91.
Made the Dip to 1285 and so far 1285 hold.
Small intraday recalculation show should reach 1290.
If 1285 don't hold then more drop coming.
Today movement is over I think, so have to see what tomorrow have for Gold.
交易结束:到达止损: Additional position Stopped.
评论: ""You updated that should reach 1290, then why you don't remove SL from 1284?""

Good question, I don't know. Will think about it,lol
评论: Anyway, remember that tomorrow is a crazy day.

Once again:
1229 Stop moved to 1270
1233 Stop moved to 1270
1263 Stop moved to 1270
1279 Stop moved to BE

So at this point, I don't have to worry much about it, but I still do believe that Last stage to 1307 is about to be completed especially with a help of upcoming events that could give a boost. If it doesn't and drops I just get SL in green zone hit and this run is ended for me.
% Return at 1307 from these 4 positions would be 179.41%. Hoping for the best.
Good Luck and stay safe.
评论: P.S in case, you are wondering what is the consensus and overall view on GOLD on TV community, especially Gold discussion channels.
交易手动结束: Didn't get the last push :)
1229 buy SL at 1270 captured 41$ move
1233 buy SL at 1270 hit captured 31$ move
1263 buy SL at 1270 hit captured 7$ move.
Overall still happy with the outcome and return, Gold is Gold what do you know!
Happy weekend and all the best. :)
I don't trade gold but your results are impressive. Well done bro!
@NikM75, Pure Gambling Skills man. Tossing a coin all day all night.
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@MetalCruisers I think we need a recalculation on "% Return at 1307", as all stops were hit. It's odd how gold topped as soon as you updated your status. Karma at work again? GL bro.

"Don't forget we will be looking for 1257, but for that, it is sensitive that 1307 is hit."
If 1307 is not hit we might be looking for lower values than 1257, isn't it ?
1231 maybe ?
@RogerS, new idea?
RogerS yeshen5431
@yeshen5431, most analysts expect a bounce hard from the DCL at 1240 to 1350/1400 (the chance of your life) but if this cycle is left translated we could dive to 1180 before the best buying opportunitty. We have to be prepared for this.
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