short at 1354 to target 1345 so 90 pts

i short gold at 1354 where is a big resitance that he not past some week ago and seem to lost power again this time
so i perefer get a ullbacl to old resistance at 1345 first
also the dXY get very nice inflation number and for now is just for me cheat about hedge fund " the market " as the dollars should stay up since the release fof inflation
交易结束:到达目标: and again ..cheers
where gold expect to go this time ?
corsicasia ShiTiFen
@ShiTiFen, i think u see he extennded to touch first the las 20 dayly and when he broke diwn was a signak again for fo to the mea 50daily ..real midle term target or short term shoudl be maybe done may he bacl for 2-3$ more coz on y char he not touched yet..i short at 1331 now but same i carefull my a tralling stop
My POE was 1350.
I am in this short from yesterday. Still negative at the moment, but one of my TPs was 1344. :-(
corsicasia Glendooie
@Glendooie, god,i done my target here for people but still have shoted in scalping like all the time !) good fried
ShiTiFen corsicasia
@corsicasia, any advice now ? Stay above 1320 ?
corsicasia ShiTiFen
@ShiTiFen, for now i stay in downtrend bias ,bui if you was not in stay far from golf we never know about a down sis usdjoy or stock can make gold up at anytime..try to ^may the CAD tomorrow ith inflation data on better,me sinc 3 day i sclpe the gold 1-2$move per scalp since he is on 1320-26 and thats all..i whtink i will wairt if he up back at 11 or1335 i short..i place i short at 1331 and 1 short if he up around 1335..but i vover with some short on stock llike sp 500..beause even i lost on sp500 i know in few week he should down again..i do some balance liek that when i am not sure abotu gold..but his price for short shoud be 1331 (ma20 h4) and 1335-6 (ma20 daily)
ShiTiFen corsicasia
@corsicasia, thanks very much , same idea with you
corsicasia ShiTiFen
@ShiTiFen, i closed my short just befoe it gone up,because of Kuroda speech and now i short back at 1336
ShiTiFen corsicasia
@corsicasia, thanks for your help !! i add short now
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