XRP in anticipation of EBAday 2017 coming?

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With 2 days to go from EBAday the XRP charts are showing a reversal as the price has been on a sharp decline since May 16th. I extracted some the financial events XPR has attended for CY17 and plotted them to see if there were any correlations between the events and XRP prices.

Event details
Wednesday, 21st June 2017
10.00-10.45 Real-Time Payments – A Global Outlook
What is the current status of real-time payments initiatives outside of Europe? What are the strategic
imperatives and can we learn from the developments in these markets?

Kevin Brown, Independent Non-Executive Director

Martin Coen, CEO , Dovetail
Mark Evans, Global Head of Payments Advisory, Global Liquidity & Cash Management, HSBC
Jan Pilbauer, Executive Director Modernization and CIO, Payments Canada
Marcus Treacher, Global Head of Strategic Accounts, Ripple
交易开始: XRP breakout! Saw it coming :D
评论: XRP is about to go cray cray... bands are getting thin as we move towards EBAday. Just remember the speakers will talk on the 21st.

This addition of events and their potential correlations is great.
Ronin4nana Jmcdavid10
@Jmcdavid10 Simple cause and effects :)
Ok, I'm completely new to this, so I haven't seen a lot of charts relative to other users. But, yours is the first I've seen that includes notable dates along the chart as a time line of sorts. I really enjoyed observing the possible correlations! Nice!
@DHF82, welcome and great to see the chart was able to help you. I send you a private message :)
did you think stellar give away will effect to XRP?

i assume it will increase the market,

according to your finance schedule i expected a few big pump on the XRP as well.

my idea about XRP :
Ronin4nana adityadoodle9
@adityadoodle9, I think the STR giveaway will dillute the STR price and increase the price of XRP. June 27th right? In the bigger game, I think its smart because it a way for STR to bring attention to them.
adityadoodle9 Ronin4nana
@Ronin4nana, Exactly ! there is a good opportunity for XRP right know. especially when it hit 0.00011 that would be great!
you are a genius! great work friend!
now lets hope tomorrow and monday ripple hits an all time high (im betting on .00025 btc as the all time high)
Ronin4nana nanozeus99
@nanozeus99, Thank you. I think BTC, ETH and LTC will end up funding the XRP run. As much as I dislike the centralized concept of XRP, it doesn't hurt to diversify. Something people don't realize is the Market Cap on doesn't show the TRUE market cap value because all XRP has already been created. The TRUE market cap should be Total supply x current market value. A XRP valuation of 50c x total supply equals 49b which would place it as #1. Very sly.
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