RIPPLE XRP Trade Opportunity! Time to make some $$

Hello All,

XRP appears to have a put in a bottom bouncing off the 200EMA (Green Line) and 78.6 Fib Retracement (Overlaid). This are circled in Blue. Please note the unorthodox use of the fib tool. With the large spike tails on the bars I have used the body of the candles for Fib Extension. It’s unusual but gives a great confluence for the bottom and looks to be the way the market movers have done it.

It has then broken the .9146 Horizontal level ( The Orange line) and came back to retest. This has formed another ABC pattern (Advance through the level, Come Back to the level, and Continue in the original direction.

The trade is very similar to ETH and LTC which we posted earlier. If you are looking for 1 I would choose ETH, if you are a XRP trader, stay with XRP of course it may just be a little slower. If so we are looking for an entry above yesterdays green bar around 1.0893 and look to catch the second leg up in the move back to the long term trend. This set up is tempting on a shorter timeframe and can be looked at by experienced traders.

Entry is 1.0893, with Stop Loss set at 0.8800, Targets are 1.2976 and 1.6127 (The Black Lines)

If you want to make dollars, your decisions need to make sense. Take profits early in volatile markets like we have had recently.

I will be trading XRP However, I will not be taking any Buy and HOLD positions on XRP, or any other coins I post on. Buy and hold positions give the analysis a one sided agenda and eventually trade bias. We have seen the effects of to many Buy and Hold people talking there coins up recently.

What I do intend to do is to trade these and make a bucket load of money. If you want to join in just follow me.
评论: Patience is the key on this trade, this is not a confirmed breakout until we break $1.0893

I will keep this trade updated and try let you know when we reach this level so just relax and enjoy.
评论: Hi everyone just thought I would inform you we are getting close to our entry position here but we haven't broke it yet.

Once its confirmed you can open your positions at $1.0893 or above.
交易开始: Its confirmed you can open your positions at $1.0893 or above.

With Stop Loss set at 0.8800.

Targets are 1.2976 and 1.6127 (The Black Lines)

Enjoy the profits, remember trailing stop loss as we move up adjust your stop loss to a higher position.
评论: XRP is another coin that has handled the Bitcoin move well and remained quite strong.
评论: XRP has rallied up and hit its 50ema from below, this is creating some resistance and a slow down/pull back. The level was too close for a target or i would have taken some profits here.
The slow down is normal and i am holding on as i expect the 50 to be broken at some point and to be followed by acceleration. There is Risk in any every decision and if you need to close and grab some profits, thats always okay But i am staying for now.
评论: XRP is off again! Making some nice movement, I am going to try monitor this trade and keep you all updated as we go.
交易开始: We are now approaching our first Target, please ensure you take some profits at this level.
Hi D&S. Any update please. Yesterday the price went out of the trend channel and finally broke EMA 200 for a short period and then fell again following BTC movement and got support in EMA 50. This shows great correlation and dependence of XRP and other currencies with the situation of BTC What do you think about XRP evolution? Thank you for composing your ideas.
Thanks $&S, It's great to have an opportunity to follow an experienced expert,with clear ideas and realistic expectations.I especially appriciate your clear instructions about entry and exit levels and targets..I just dont know how much I can relay on my ability to correctly convert your values from $ and BTC to € and ETH since I have just them for the trades...Keep the good work regards.
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@SebVojvoda, Thanks so much for your support I look forward to working with you this year :)
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Hi, any update pls. The lateral movement of consolidation between EMA 200 and EMA50 takes two days and the volume has fallen. How do you interpret this situation? Tks
Hi, Do you think it could fall to $ 1?
D&S, any updates - looks like XRP has stalled out.
Hello, yesterday it bounced for the second time at 1.16 and for now it can not break 1.13. Is this a sign of weakness that can lead to testing lower supports again? Tks for sharing.
Whats the verdict @DollarsAndSenses :) seems like we didn't have much of a breakout :( hoping patience will pay off here and we will find some volume and breakout
Hello @DollarsAndSenses, the price was bounced back from $1.154 level, do we need to adjust our positions here? Or do we continue to hold. Thanks
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amrozndance ThomasNguyenAU
@ThomasNguyenAU, i think u have to hold , going up smoothly !
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