Use CAUTION! I still believe XRP (GOING DOWN 50% more at least.)

It is still within the TREND LINES going down.
The 1 DAY CHART is not above support and that is pointing downward.
The MACD has not yet touched.

On the 3 Day Chart - The PRICE HAS NOT MET with the LOWER BOLLINGER BAND currently @ POSITIVE (.03353)
The RED ICHIMOKU CLOUD is under .23 and I believe XRP will touch or nearly almost touch and quickly bounce going LONG.
But we are not there yet. This is the THIRD DAY for the ONE CANDLE on the 3 DAY CHART inside the trend line .

Between 9, 10, 11 of February - Price should be between .32707 and .73832
Between 12, 13, 14 of February - price should be between .23815 and .62717

Between 15, 16, 17 of February - price *could be* between .15589 and .48404
Between 18, 19, 20 of February - price *could be* between .05745 and .33090

and while I mention that THIS COULD GO ON UNTIL 21, 22, 23 February...

Please keep watching the "LOWER BOLLINGER BAND" on "the 3 Day Chart" and "WHEN PRICE and LOWER BOLLINGER meet"

Currently however, "we want to name our own price" FOR MAXIMUM GAINS.
This is in case it happens before I can get you an update.

The following is my current "XRP CHARTS from BITSTAMP"
with overlays for 3 Day chart, 1 Day Chart and 12 Hour Chart.
Along with the "COIN MARKET CAP."

PS. So far, for the current week, we are still with lower lows and lower highs over the previous week.

And, may GOOD FORTUNES be with you all.

The 3 Day Chart - https://db.tt/oXjWk18T06
The 1 Day Chart - https://db.tt/2VZQGLk1gP
The 12 Hour Chart - https://db.tt/KmeAvlHQAn
The COIN MARKET CAP - https://db.tt/Ac6p0H6JbO

The Wiz

评论: I am not recommending buying in those trading ranges I mentioned.
I do not DAY TRADE any longer due to HIGH VOLATILITY.
Trade at your own risk level of tolerance.

And, good luck!
评论: Sorry today is the 9th.. but wont register on the chart as the 9TH until 7pm eastern time tonight. Please keep this in mind. Today it could go as HIGH as: .91 or as low as .41599
评论: Guys I am in currently possible reversal... be cautious... blue and red lines pointing upward at moment
评论: 2 red bars inside bolinger top band false alarm... sold
评论: 5 minute chart
评论: bought in an no matter what gonna hodl - sorry guys... looks like it is going up.
Watch it though .97 may be the top.
评论: it could go higher based on 1 day chart
评论: hodl all the way through now is my plan - bought back in
评论: Guys, I am in - however, I am going to sell @ .95
评论: Yeah, Im' out it will go lower - just wanted that rainbow...
评论: So, we are back to original idea.
评论: what had happened was: 2 green bars appeared out of nowhere on my 3 day chart. There were none like this on my drop box photo this morning - and I panicked - sorry for that. Thanks all for reminding me where we were at.
评论: was just looking at January 17th and the 18th... There were two green bars... the second one like todays... was much bigger... then from the 19th of January on till now was down hill... so yes, I believe so... look at the daily chart for the 17th and 18th of January.
评论: apparently there is one more day on this green bar for the 3 day chart...
so it is 7th, 8th and 9th for this green bar...
评论: still says 12 recommend sell - 10 neutral and ONLY 4 say BUY...
评论: GUYS, indicators on daily and weekly have turned a tad up... I believe the handle was formed between Dec 11th 2017 and Jan. 3rd 2018... I believe a cup is being formed... handle on the left and that we may be at the bottom of the cup... further... I remember a ta from a while back where someone had said Back around Jan sometime to buy between .66 and .75 I got nervous earlier... However it is still a deal at present prices and we cant get mad at ourselves... macd is up on all charts except 3 day and because it is a laggard I will consider it for just that. Asia is waking up... xrp will push higher by tomorrow... income tax money is said tro be pouring into CRYPTO... and all the other good news and signs say buy now. GOOD LUCK I am in no matter what - NOW
评论: Further reasoning guys: I am in lower than I sold previously... and wont have to worry further because by Feb. 23rd if not now... it will be going up. And up big time... much higher than the previous high. Stay strong. We unite and may the fortunes be with us.
For a '3-day charter' you sure changed your sentiment quickly... #justsaying
So you are buing now? I will not say im not tempted to buy also, but still not fully convinced it was the last dip. MACD on daily chart sure looks like the end of correction is near, but pricie is still inside a downtrend channel, above lies 1$ area witch is border of downtrend channel, local top from 3.02 and also psycological barier so it may by a strong resistance. Also reacent bounce back from bottom looks line a bear flag and volume droped after the byu rush, and still not clear where will BTC go. So it seams that XRP is not out of the woods yet.
WizardOfRealms benderbr87
@benderbr87, I just posted a new chart - I know you will see it... and I have explained my position on it... you are welcome to comment on that chart.
benderbr87 WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, Hey didn't say you are wrong, im just trying to be safe because got burned to many times. Didn't see a touch on MACD before the day candle closed, that is in fact a vary good sign.
So does it still go down at around .30cents?
@kohjul, Yes, I believe so... was just looking at January 17th and the 18th... There were two green bars... the second one like todays... was much bigger... then from the 19th of January on till now was down hill... so yes, I believe so... look at the daily chart for the 17th and 18th of January.
+1 回复
@kohjul, sorry no longer believe it is going to .30
+1 回复
wow man...
@rsatzerro, yeah
See you at sub .30c but good luck.
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