Here is a quick chart regarding Xrp Usd.
We can clearly see what we did to this crypto currency since last year by over speculating it.
Now Xrp is very likely going to make people pay for their greed, by doing the opposite of what it used to do, making them losing money if they are holding the asset.
If Xrp local bubble start trend line is broken, it will test its line of life, which is very likely as the market is crashing.
If this line of life is broken, Xrp will probably be heading to around the blue target.
I drew in green an hypothetical incoming pattern, we might gonna have some bounce around the support.
This target scenario is for the short term, 2/3 months.
I could be completely wrong, and buyers reforming a potential new bubble in the future is a possible scenario, with a bubble beeing why not bigger than this one if market cap grows up decently.

Good luck, stay safe and not too greedy unless you are shorting at the right times.
Xrp playing with fire right now.
Let's see if the local "bubble pattern trend line" holds it as a support.
Bears are intensifying their selling pressure.
Xrp could go below this local bubble trend, and the line could act as a resistance instead of acting as a support.
This could lead to a solid bounce on the support (orange dotted line), around 0.56 usd.
交易开始: Xrp seems heading closer and closer to the target support (orange dotted line).
I'm expecting an important bounce if it hits it (green hypothetical pattern).
交易结束:到达目标: Xrp is completely oversold.
We are at the 0.56$ value, the value Xrp had in February when Btc was at a 5800$ value.
The Xrp bounce will happen when Btc happens, and it might not be at this current 0.56 value.
交易开始: Ok, i was a bit cautious, but the expected bounce happened around 0.57$ as i initially expected.
Long time we didn't see such a Fomo
评论: The green crashing pattern i drew at the beginning of this TA is still active, nothing changed.
However i made 2 mistakes while drawing it, you will notice it when you click the "play" button : i did not anticipate Xrp to crash that quickly.
Second mistake is that the expected bounce at around 0.56 was weaker than expected, as it reached a target of 0.72 instead of 0.79.
I am sorry for that.
Good luck
@Giorgioversace Do you still think that XRP will bounce a little but at +- 0.56 ?
It is still possible, but it now depends according to where bitcoin is going to bounce, xrp could still be around the 0.57 when Btc bounces.
Yip. The bubble burst.
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Maybe you are right
Thankfully most people holding XRP realise it's a long term haul rather than something for short term gains. @yakumak is right in that XRP is the only crypto in this space that I see actually making a difference to the world and solving real problems
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What's your problem with XRP ? :)

For me the only cryptocurrency who has future. Many banks make agreement with this company... Everythinkelse is useless... By the end of this year XRP is going to be 15$
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I have absolutely no problem with Xrp.
I'm just trying to forecast potential targets when i study Xrp crashing pattern with a completely neutral point of view, which is not that easy as i am a crypto believer, and of course Xrp could reach very high targets in the long term, but we need a lot of reasons for this to be valid.
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yes big boys want to crash also! to pull it down , than buy again !))
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