xvg price analysis (verge price analysis)

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
hello friends yesterday I told you guys watchout xvg carefully it might either breakout or breakdown but unfortunately its break down so as of now stay away from verge its breakdown now it price may go even more down stay away and watchout carefully
The price of verge is being pushed down, if you saw yesterday, there was a wall ate 630sat, then the wall went down it went to 640sats.. Today there is a new wall ate 620 sats..
There was also a bid wall around the 600sats, that all of the sudden disappear..
Two things can happen now:
1- Verge is going for those massive pumps (price has been between 600 and 630) bots have been accumulating coins.. And will put a massive bid wall and everyone will follow..
2- bot will drive the price down even further to 500 or even 400sats, and they will pump until around 600 ou 700sats.. Avoiding the people that lost a lot of money last December..

At least on Bittrex has i'm watching the order books, and i came to the conclusion that analysis is not going to be enough to maximize your investment.
Bittrex is full of Bots, at least 50% or more are Bots putting trades..

Fundamental analysis on XVG, well they are behind a lot of things in their roadmad, a bunch of things are breaking down.. And there is no updates, only more exchanges that they are in..
Technical analysis, i also thing XVG is in a falling wedge, and it was waiting for something the last few days. As everyone if buying BITCOIN now due to the price going up so fast.. Other coins will lose a bit.

But lets wait and see.. Bitcoin will go down to 8k or 7k pretty soon as Banks are buying in thoose prices, pumping it up and dumping making millions every month..
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LPP_LLC mexaa
@mexaa, stoch rsi and rsi at 45m are setting the day up nicely, i'll happily accept that bot burst now lol
you are drawing a triangle when verge is inside a falling wedge,
Sunny_Sharma vitaminas
@vitaminas, my personal analysis says its breakdown so chances are more to go down chart pattern analysis make changes according to chart candle timeframe so may be your doing it on different time frame
All altcoins went down a bit in satoshi due to rise of bitcoin. Verge is still within the parameters en resting on resistance (it is hovering around 600 sats) so it's not on a breakdown. I agree to watch the trend, but your conclusion is a bit premature.
vitaminas bob_siemonsma
@bob_siemonsma, i agree
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