ZCL Targets. Pump and Dump of the Month. BTCP Fork

My predictions on the price action and targets for ZCL , leading into the BTCP fork. Let's see how this plays out.

High risk. Low reward.
0.0172 now seems to be acting as support... soon to moon (0.04 to 0.07 btc) once Bittrex announces their support of the fork.
A decentralized privacy coin, built on the ZCash technology without the 20% developers tax, fully supported by many big players in the crypto community, with the full BTC community as instant stakeholders in the project (and cutting through the privacy coin glut in the market)... I think its an easy 2X, even from .018 BTC. I see this as .035-.040 prefork, .05-.07 medium term (6 months), and .10 longer term (1 year plus)...using BCH and BTG as some rough benchmarks.

Great chart, thanks for sharing.
Are you nuts ?
@adiver, LOL
AustinOutland AustinOutland
@AustinOutland, Z CLASSIC is a pump and dump coin which price has been pumped due to the news in December about the Bitcoin private fork. The price might find a higher bottom than it had originally due to all the bag holders that may hold their tokens due to extreme losses.
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