Fixed Percent Stop Loss & Take Profit %

Fixed Percent Stop Loss & Take Profit %

A neat example of how to set up Fixed Stops and Take Profit as a percent of the entry price.
Yup, that's about it!

You can ignore the actual entry/exit orders - they're based on a simple MA cross and are therefore NOT relevant, NOT really profitable and NOT recommended!

You should be using this code as a way of adding Stops and Takes to your own scripts - hope it helps!


Good Luck and Happy Trading!

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Very good script, but there are times when the script ignores some stops or take profits in the backtest. The price touches some of the lines and does not close the operation. Do you have any explanation about this? I would like to send you a screenshot but I cannot do it this way
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I'm looking for an example script that has the options to set a Take Profit or Stop Loss - but not necessarily both at the the same time. I'd really like the script to allow a SL of zero - which means "don't use a SL" - or allow a TP of zero - which means "don't use a TP".

With the strategy.exit command containing both SL and TP - I am not sure how to do this.
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Hi There,
Thanks @theCrypster for the great work!
Short Q to whomever can answer - check of example the list of trades in this example page.
You will see a loss lager then the SL.. what am i missing here?

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theCrypster eladlevi
@eladlevi, Hey, Thanks for the response. I'm sorry I don't understand your question!

This may provide useful - If the bar is still active when the SL gets hit, the SL signal won't display the "correct" SL price until that bar has closed. It will display the SL at the current price, and every time you update the chart it will update with the new "current" price. So, only once the bar has closed the SL will update to the correct position and your strategy back-test will provide accurate SL info.

Hope that helps you. Let us know!
eladlevi theCrypster
Thanks for replying back. I’ll try to be specific.
I can see trades that had loss more than the SL.
(In the back test trades list).
The question is - Why is that?
And can we get it to stop at this price and not loss more than what was defined?

Thanks again
theCrypster eladlevi
@eladlevi, Oh I see - Now we've dug a little deeper I can see two things going on here. One doesn't matter and can be explained easily, the other would require a fix. (I think we've got one, too!)

So, the first "issue" (it's not an issue, really) is that when you are Long, but a signal (like the MA Cross in the example), shows a Short, it would obviously close the Long trade and enter the Short. So, you might only have 5% of your 10% TP target. This is why some trades are exited at BELOW value.

The actual problem/bug that we need to resolve is when you enter a trade and the price moves in the wrong direction immediately (on the same bar). This code will currently only fix your SL/TP in position after the trade entry bar has closed. So we'd need to enter at the bar close of the previous bar, not the open price of the current bar.

Does that make any sense! (?)

Try this:
Right at the top of your script within the "Strategy" tag, add this:

>>>>>>> process_orders_on_close=true <<<<<<<

That should now open any trades at the close of whichever bar signals the trade, rather than plotting it at the open price of the next bar. This in turn then means the SL/TP values should be confirmed and awaiting a "hit" as soon as the next bar opens! I think...

Try it out and Please Please Please let us know how it goes! :D

Thanks for spotting that one, I love this community!
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eladlevi theCrypster
@theCrypster, yep 👍🏻 now I got your points!
Will give it a try!
(Suggest to fix it in this strategy as well).
Love this community as well!

theCrypster eladlevi
@eladlevi, Awesome, we're updating and testing the new version now!
eladlevi theCrypster
@theCrypster, tried it now, had cases where there is a miss.
check out the following use case:
Using Days candles - entry price 100 --> SL of 5% will target 95.
Now... during the off market, the price now drops bellow 95(!), e.g the new day starts with prince of 80.
The strategy will close at 80.
As I'm new to trading I wonder if such case can happen in *real life* trades
(not only in testing and back testing.. means that although I gave a stop loss order, there are cases that
I will get a bigger hit.. )

Appreciated your help and answering!