Moving Average Based Zig Zag

Moving Average Based Zig Zag differs from the traditional Zig Zag indicator in that pivot points are determined by a moving average, Volume Weighted Hull Moving Average, rather than looking for the highest or lowest point in a left / right period.

  • Source: the source for the pivot points.
  • Moving Average Length: the length of the Volume Weighted Hull Moving Average, increase for longer zig zags, decrease for shorter zig zags.

Like all Zig Zag indicators, the Moving Average Based Zig Zag is not intended to be used as a live trading tool. This indicator is intended to be an alternative way of determining pivot points on your chart. Pivot points can be used for a multitude of different analytical techniques. One may use pivot points in order to draw potential support and resistance lines, trend lines or chart patterns. Additionally, pivot points can be used to determine variations of highs and lows important to market structure analysis such as break of structure or change of character.

The moving average used is a Volume Weighted Hull Moving Average, this particular moving average was used due to it's relatively low-lag characteristics when compared to an Exponential Moving Average, additionally by considering volume in the moving average calculation, insignificant pivot points can be further filtered.

Rather than using built-in functions `ta.pivothigh()` and `ta.pivotlow()` to determine pivot points, this indicator waits for the moving average to pivot then searches for the highest or lowest value from the bar index of the moving average pivot to the bar index of the previous found price pivot. This method of determining pivots provides a more dynamic approach to determining pivot points.

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