Distance from Vwap

// How it Works \\
Measuring the distance of the close price from a higher timeframe VWAP - Volume Weighted Average Price
There is a threshold which is calculated by looking back at the previous x amount of bars and storing the highest/lowest values
If the distance from the vwap stretches above that threshold, the histogram will go green if price is above VWAP and red if its below the vwap
If the distance from the vwap reaches below the low threshold you will see the histogram flashes orange

// Settings \\
In the settings you have the ability to change what timeframe the indicator is calculated on, as well as this you can change the timeframe the VWAP is calculated on.
I always recommend using a higher timeframe vwap as they tend to me more respected
e.g on the hourly timeframe, I use the weekly VWAP , on 1 minute timeframe you may want to use 4 hour timeframe but obviously feel free to experiment

// Use Case \\
When histogram is flashing green, prices is pulling far away from the vwap , obviously you don't want to be buying a falling knife but if you have levels of confluence this can help spot reversals.
I personally wait until the first candle after its been green to get confirmation of the fall weakening. Vica versa for reds and shorts/sells.

When you see orange flashes, this shows that price has been consolidating and the price is very close to the higher time frame VWAP which could be considered a safe entry point as they tend to lead to a big move to follow

// Suggestions \\
Happy for anyone to make any suggestions on changes which could improve the script,

// Terms \\
Feel free to use the script, If you do use the script could you please just tag me as I am interested to see how people are using it. Good Luck!

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